A Baby Rhino Animal School Lunch

Monday, September 12, 2016

This is sponsored post with Stauffer's. All opinions are my own.
Stauffer's Animal Carckers

Chances are that you are waist-deep into back-to-school busyness. Don't worry, I have you covered with another fun and easy lunch recipe! This time it's animal themed. More specifically it's a Baby Rhino lunch, because what kid doesn't love baby animals? Just look at all the videos that go viral on the internet; they're generally either kids or animals. So, if you are making an animal lunch for kids, it's pretty much pure gold. There's no way around this logic, so just go with it. You'll be their hero. Your kids will hoist you on their shoulders and cheer for your lunch-making prowess. Or maybe they will just come home with an empty lunchbox for once. Either way, it will be worth it.

You can get all of the supplies at your local grocery store, including Stauffer's Animal Crackers. I need to admit something here. I am personally addicted to these things. We have a large teddy bear jar full of these crunchy, low-fat snacks, and each night the stock mysteriously seems to get lower and lower. My oldest son recently asked how all of a sudden the cracker supply in the jar became so low. I may or may not have pointed to my two-year-old. The great thing is that they are also fantastic for lunches. You can get them in individual packets, like shown in the picture, or a large teddy bear shaped jar that will magically disappear after the kids go to bed. After all, they are the #1 selling animal cracker in the U.S. You should try Stauffer's Whales cheddar cheese baked snack crackers too. Just a warning that they are equally addicting. Take a look at my recipe below and have fun making this animal themed lunch!

Ingredients: Stauffer's Animal Crackers, whole wheat bread slices, sliced white cheese, sliced meat, sweet peppers (or your child's favorite colorful veggies), fresh spinach, grapes, sliced fruit, candy googly eyes, black edible modeling dough, animal themed fruit picks.
Stauffer's Animal Crackers
1. Cut one slice of bread into a circle (use a glass or cookie cutter to make cutting a circle easy). Cut the simple rhino face from another slice of bread. Use the scraps to make two square feet. The sliced meat and cheese can either go between the two pieces of bread, or underneath, and your kids can assemble their own sandwich.

2. Make a cheese triangle for the horn and six small cheese rectangles for the toe nails. If you are having trouble sticking the cheese, googly eyes, and bread feet on, just use a very small amount of cream cheese to paste them on. Use a little black edible modeling dough to make the mouth, it's as easy as using children's clay.

3. Cut sweet peppers (or whatever vegetables your child enjoys) and put them in the main compartment with the spinach leaves. Place the rhino sandwich on top.

4. Put Stauffer's Animal Crackers in one side compartment and some fruit, like grapes, in the other side compartment. Place sliced fruit on animal themed fruit picks. I chose pineapple, kiwi, and raspberries, but pick whatever fruit your child likes.

Remember that the next time you are at the store to pick up some Stauffer's Animal Crackers for your child's next lunch, after school snack, or to save for yourself once your kids go to bed!

Stauffer's Animal Crackers


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