Lunchbox Dad's Father's Day Gift Guide 2016

Monday, June 6, 2016

Father's Day

Need some ideas for what to get your dad, or husband, this Father's Day? Look no further than my 2016 Father's Day Gift Guide. Why give your dad the same boring present when you have this guide loaded with wisdom and experience? This will help your Father's Day celebration be a success. These are real ideas from a real dad. I have not been paid to make this guide or promote any of these products. I have also personally tested every one of these gifts. 

From the foodie, to the tech lover, to the active dad, I have you covered. So bookmark this list and permanently make a place in the record books as the best Father's Day gift giver in the universe...or at least in your family.

1. Martian Smart Watch
Father's Day

This Martian smart watch can do all the basic things that many of the other smart watches can do, with two big differences. These watches look completely different than any other smart watch I've seen, and that's a good thing. They have a classic analog face, but it also has a separate battery just for the watch. This is brilliant because if the the battery for the smart functions run down, it still functions as a watch and isn't just a brick strapped to your arm. If the dad in your life wants a smart watch that stands out from all the rest, it needs to be a Martian.
Price: Starts at $129

Father's Day

Think Mario Kart, in real life, controlled with smart phones. This is the second generation track from Anki. The first one blew my family away with how easy it was to control, and how addicting it became. The OVERDRIVE track takes it further by letting you build your own
track configurations. The smart phone controlled cars not only race, but each have virtual weapons as well. All the cars have different strengths (which you can upgrade and switch with the app) and you can also race against AI, or computer. I also love how you can create an account and it saves your progress, how much you have upgraded your car, and how you've customized your character. Another great feature is that when you win races against other people, or the computer, you get power-ups. 

One thing to note. If you have the first generation cars they will work with this track, but only in open play, not tournament play. If the dad in your life loved the old slot car racing sets, then he will love this. It's easy enough for kids to play, but takes awhile to master. You really just have to play it to understand how cool this racetrack is. To see it in action check out my Facebook Live video review HERE.
Price: $134.99

3. Vermont Smoke and Cure Meats
Father's Day
Meat. If the dad in your life isn't a vegetarian then meat is always the right answer. Vermont Smoke and Cure Meats has some fantastic choices for all different sorts of cured meats that are easy to order online. I recommend the meat sticks sampler. They are easy to take to work or eat on the go. Chipotle beef and pork sticks for the win. 
Price: Starts at $25.95 for meat sticks

4. Estes Air Rockets
Father's Day

Did the dad in your life make model rockets as a kid? They are really fun but sometimes they are a bit much around younger kids. Enter the air powered rocket. My kids and I had a blast launching these in our front yard. They took only minutes to put together and we had a contest to see who could send it the highest. Until your family is ready for the more intricate model rockets, these are perfect for a fun afternoon outside.
Price: Starts at $12.99

5. Fodada T-Shirts
Father's Day
For dads who want a "father-themed" shirt that isn't cheesy, Fodada is the way to go. There are plenty of different styles. Also the material is so soft. Seriously, it's like putting on a shirt made of down feathers and dipped in clouds. They have quickly turned into some of my favorite go-to shirts straight out of the wash. 
Price: Starting at $23

6. Hi-C Ecto Cooler
Father's Day

If the dad in your life grew up in the 80's like me, he will desire this more than any other drink. Hi-C Ecto Cooler was the foremost snack drink of my childhood. It was based on the Ghostbusters movie and it was the best flavor of Hi-C ever. I mean there was no comparison. And there never will be. Ever. You know what, just go ahead and go to your local store and pick up a pack.
Price: $7.75

7. BOB 2016 Revolution Pro
Father's Day
For the dad who has a young child, and likes to be outside, this is the best stroller I have ever tried. I have three kids and have used many strollers. None compares to this stroller. It is pricier than some other options, but it is well worth it. I have three kids and never knew the joys of a BOB stroller until recently. I kid you not, after using this stroller I could never go back to another. It is the perfect choice for the amusement park in the city, or walking the trails in the country. 
Price: $448

8. Precision RBS Rubber Band Guns

There are rubber band guns and then there are Precision RBS rubber band guns. Initially I thought, "What's the big deal?" Then my kids and I shot these in our backyard. They take a few minutes to get used to, but are definitely entertaining. You can shoot an insane amount of rubber bands (which are included by the way) in a matter of seconds. 
Price: Starting at $14.99

9. Kent KZR-21 Speed Mountain Bike
Father's Day
For the dad who wants to start riding bikes with his kids, or just get outside and get some exercise, this is a great bike to start with. It is reasonably priced and will might help get rid of a little of that dad bod. If your dad already has a bike, this might not be an upgrade, but if they need a bike to get started, you will want to try this out. Besides, what dad doesn't want a bike to ride with his kids? You get to spend quality time with your family and prove you that you can still beat your children in a race. 
Price: $119

10. Cross Tech2 Marvel Collection Pens

Father's Day

In a house with three kids, sometimes it is impossible to find a pen that actually writes and has black or blue ink. It's almost like a mythical creature, like Bigfoot. I had an old Cross pen and loved it, but it was in a bag that was stolen out of my car. I then saw these new Marvel themed pens. It has an ink pen on one side and a stylus on the other. I love it because it is comfortable to use, and enjoyable to look at, at the same time. The dad in your life will think the same way.
Price: $49

I was not paid to use any of these products in my gift guide. I did receive these products for free for the purpose of review from their respective companies. However, no promises of a good review were given and all opinions are strictly my own.


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