Lunchbox Dad's May Family Product Picks

Monday, May 18, 2015

Lunchbox Dad's May Family Product Picks

Here are my Monthly Family Product Picks for May. These are 8 products that my family has loved using over the past month. From food, to tools, to toys, to household items, we are showing you stuff that will make your lives more enjoyable. Some of these items were given to us for free to try while others we found and paid for ourselves. I have NOT been paid to write about any of these products. These are just things that have been fun to use, or made our lives easier.

1. Avocare Avocado Oil
This oil is great to cook with or for serving with appetizers. Plus it's made from avocados. You can't argue with avocados.

Avocado Oil

2. Funkins Reusable Napkins
We have been using these for awhile in my house. Not only do they had an element of fun to dinner they have saved us countless dollars on napkins. 
3. Star Wars Workbooks
Trying to get a 4 year old to enjoy math is like getting me to like the San Francisco Giants. It's really hard to do, if not impossible. These workbooks have really helped. My son loves the Star Wars theme and finishing multiple pages in one sitting. Who knows, maybe I can like the Giants one day. Just kidding, that's just crazy talk.

Star Wars Workbooks

4. Urban Accents Spice Blends
Every time I cook I am reminded how thankful I am for these spice blends. They are simply the most useful spices I have ever owned. I recently tried the Jamaican Jerk Blend on a Roast Chicken. It was perfect.

Urban Accents Spice Blends

5. Way Better Snacks Sprouted Barley Crackers
I know. With all of the normal artificial ingredients left out you think taste would be left out as well. You might think the cardboard box in your garage would be more appetizing. You would be wrong. I have loved Way Better chips for quite some time and these new crackers are just as good. Insert bad pun here about them being "Way Better" than the competition.
Way Better Snacks
6. KIND Snacks Healthy Grains Bars
I make my addiction to KIND snacks no secret. I have their nut clusters for breakfast on a regular basis. Many afternoons I have one of these bars for a snack. Pick up a box. You will thank me later.

KIND Snacks

7. Otteroo Baby Pool Flotation Device
The Otteroo is one of the strangest things you will see in a pool. It is also one of the most awesome things you will see in a pool. My baby loved using it last year. If you have a baby, pick one of these up at the beginning of the summer. 


8. Oster My Blend Personal Blender
My wife is actually the one loving this blender. She has been using it so much that there is no time for me to get my hands on it. It's part blender and part sport bottle. You can make power smoothies or margaritas, it's your call. Although I would start out the morning choosing the smoothie.
Oster My Blend
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