This is Lunch When Life Happens

Monday, February 9, 2015

life happens

So this is today's lunch. Why? Life happened. After this last week of the T.V. breaking, the car battery going out, thinking the DVD player broke, and waging the war against lice in my house, this is what I had time and energy for. Not to mention we finally had the chance to celebrate my wife's birthday. I think it was the lice that broke me. Those little bugs might be the most infuriating parasites I have ever had to deal with. Hate it is a strong word, but I hate those little things. 

Anyway, I had exactly 2.34 minutes of time and energy to put together this lunch. We had leftover pizza, mandarin oranges that needed to be eaten, blackberries, and a granola bar. I did have time to put in a handy little Lunchbox Love note though. You know what I'm thankful for? I can feed my kids. If parents can do that, whether it's a fun shaped lunch or not, I think they are doing pretty good. 


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