A Monsterous Bowl of Oatmeal

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, in conjunction with Quaker. I received compensation for participating in this promotion.
A Monsterous Bowl of Oatmeal #QuakerUp #ad

School mornings are always stressful, between rousing the kids, getting them dressed, packing their bags and locating that one lost shoe… Breakfast can sometimes fall by the wayside. This month, I am partnering with Quaker and their Creative Oatmeal Officer, Sam Stephens from the New York restaurant, Oatmeals to bring you some fantastic kid friendly (and quick to prepare) breakfast ideas this month. Last week I shared a recipe for a Fun and Fruity Breakfast Parfait (hyperlink to last week’s post) and the week before, the recipe was for an Oatmeal “Bowl of Love” (hyperlink to first week’s post). For this week’s recipe I decided to explore the magical world of monsters! For exclusive pictures and step-by-step directions for this recipe and past Quaker oatmeal recipes visit Sam’s blog: www.oatmealchefsam.tumblr.com

Monster themed stuff is so much fun for kids. From movies, to books, to food you just can’t go wrong. This week I turned breakfast into a “monsterously” good time with my Monsterous Oatmeal Bowl. This is perfect for back-to-school, Halloween, or really anytime! 

You will not want to miss checking out all the great recipes and tips Sam has on her blog, there are so many great ideas for how to start the morning right!


  1. Wow, this is nothing short of an oatmeal masterpiece! The vibrant colors and the cute little monster design totally brought a smile to my face. It's wonderful to see how an everyday breakfast staple can transform into a creative and delightful work of art. The attention to detail is just impeccable, all the way from the adorable monster face to the tiny nutritious elements that make this bowl not only pleasing to the eyes but also incredibly good for health.

    As a resident of Hamilton, I'm used to seeing imaginative culinary presentations in various local restaurants in Hamilton. Yet, I must say, this oatmeal bowl is as impressive as any gourmet dish I've seen. Kudos to the LunchBoxDad for finding such a fun and unique way to encourage kids (and adults, too) to start their day off right with a nutritious breakfast!

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