Summer Turtle on the Beach Lunch

Monday, July 14, 2014

Turtle Lunch
Recently my blog was featured on Good Morning America! I had the pleasure to make personalized lunches for three of the hosts and a few other GMA logo lunches. The great thing about these is that they are all simple enough for anyone to do and you can replace the names with whomever you are making the lunch for. Since my daughter is on summer break, I thought I would share the recipes for these lunches over the next couple weeks. But don't worry, there is plenty of other stuff in store as well! 

I thought I'd show you a lunch that looks hard but is so easy and fun. All you have to do to make it your own is switch "GMA" for the name of the person you are making the lunch for. This is made in an Easy Lunch Boxes container.

Turtle lunch
Snap peas
White rice
Grilled chicken strips
Fresh spinach from bag for "name"
Black food coloring marker

1. Cook rice according to box and place enough in main container to cover the bottom. Make turtle out of snap peas and broccoli and place in main dish where shown. Use black food coloring marker to make the eyes.
**for short video tutorial on how to easily make the turtle click the YouTube link below**
2. Choose 3 of your largest fresh spinach leaves and your longest leaf (including stem). Use sharp knife to cut a letter from each large leaf to form “GMA.” Cut GMA logo swoosh from longest leaf. Arrange logo letters and swoosh in main container where shown in picture.
4. Slice mango if you have not done so already. Place slices on end, with pointy part up, in side dish as shown. Pack in tight and they will stay upright.
5. Place grilled chicken slices in other side dish and put a few very small pieces of broccoli on top.
Turtle Lunch Bento#lbdbento


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