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Monday, November 18, 2013

kids shark tank lunch ubo
Year 2, Week 15: Shark Tank Lunch.  The great lunchbox company yubo asked me to make a lunch for this week to help get the word out that they will be on the TV show "Shark Tank."  The episode will air this Friday.  Watch the episode from 9-10pm EST on ABC.  I love the way yubo lunchbox pieces all fit together and the icepack on the bottom is my favorite part.  I'm excited to see what happens on Friday and if the sharks take a bite out of yubo.  

My daughter will love this lunch also.  It is actually very simple to make and would be fun for the shark lover in your family.  Also, if you scroll to the bottom you will see a bonus apple fish that I made for my son.  I was trying something new out and decided that the apple could be part of his lunch for tomorrow.  He is very excited.  Read the recipe and see more pics below as well, there is more than meets the eye in that yogurt!

--Whole wheat bread 
  (I used sandwich thins type bread)
--1 serving Goldfish crackers
--2 slices cheese
--1 serving nonfat greek yogurt
--2 strawberries
--Lowfat cream cheese
--1 serving tuna
--Blue and black food coloring
--1 piece of nori (dried seaweed)

bento lunch
1.  Tint cream cheese with black food coloring so it turns grey.  Spread grey cream cheese on top of circular piece of bread where shown.  Cover the rest of the bread with white cream cheese.
2.  Cut two triangle pieces and one skinny fin shape out of another piece of bread.  Cover each of those pieces with grey cream cheese.
3.  Cover background of main dish with cheese slices.  I used colby cheddar.  Arrange fins in place on top of the cheese and then put circular shark head on top of the fins.  Cut the shark's mouth out of nori, remember to make it look like a toothy grin.  Slice the bottom off of two strawberries for the eyes.  Put berry and nori facial features in place as shown in picture.  
4.  Decorate main container with goldfish crackers.  I lined them up around the edge put you can put them wherever you want.
5.  In small bowl mix greek yogurt with blue food coloring.  Slice remaining strawberries and put in the bottom of a side dish.  Top with blue greek yogurt.
6.  In second side dish put serving of tuna.  I topped it with a few more goldfish crackers to dress it up and I thought they would taste good with the tuna.
Bonus: I also made this apple fish for my son. I pretty much just sliced it in half first and then cut the other pieces off of the main two.  I helped the fins and eyes stay in place using toothpicks.  The only other part that isn't apple are the teeth.  I used slivered almonds for those.  I just pressed them up into the apple mouth.  Have fun and be creative with this one!

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yubo shark bento


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