Go Green Lunchbox Review

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Go Green Lunchbox Review

If you are looking for a unique kid's lunch box that will cause people  to stop and notice, then this might be the one for you.  Go Green Lunch Boxes are plastic (BPA and phthalate free) and include a stainless steel water bottle as well as an insulated fabric carrying case.  The company claims that their lunch boxes pay for themselves after one month of use (compared to using disposable lunches and bags). Click here to see the Star Wars lunch I made using the Go Green Lunch Box.

The first thing I noticed about the lunchbox were the rubber side clasps, which allow the lunch box to open and close.  Initially, I was concerned that my 6 year old daughter might have problems with the system.  However, she was able to open the lid with no problems when I showed it her how to do it.
Inside of the Go Green Lunch Box

The inside of the lunch box has plenty of room.  There are four compartments for food and one that holds the stainless steel water bottle.  This is a unique feature that you don’t find in comparable lunch boxes.  It is nice that the bottle can be contained here, but it also adds size to the lunch box that might make it too big to fit in some smaller backpacks.  It might also be troublesome to carry for some younger children.  The depth and size of the food compartments causes it to hold too much food for the typical lunch for my 6 year old.  The trade off is that it also means there is enough room for older kids who can eat more.  Go Green says that each compartment is leak proof and can hold foods of “pudding-like” consistency such as yogurt and apple sauce.  My daughter unwittingly tested this out by accidentally dropping it 3 times on the way from the car to her classroom.  The Go Green Lunch Box held up nicely and the food (including applesauce) stayed in the correct compartment without leaking.

Turn 'N Lock knob to keep things fresh
The feature that sets this lunchbox apart is its "turn 'n lock" knob.  Turning the knob from open to close locks the lid down and keeps the food in each compartment fresh and separate from everything else.  This is accomplished through the use of silicone bands that keep each compartment leak-proof.  Turning the knob back to the open position allows the lid to be removed.  This is an important feature to show your kids so they don't become frustrated trying to open it at lunchtime.

The lid is held to the bottom by two strings with clasps.  The clasps allow the lid to be disconnected for cleaning.  It is a handy feature, but I get worried that the small strings could break with repeated use and cleanings.  So far, however, these have not caused problems.  If they did break, it would not be the end of the world, it would just be easier for kids to lose the lid.  Cleaning the Go Green Lunch Box is fairly easy.  You detach the lid from the bottom and hand wash it.  The bottom portion can be put in the dishwasher.  If you are one who needs to throw everything in the dishwasher then this might be annoying, but Go Green insists that the lid should always be hand washed to preserve the durability.  The lunch box has held up well to the beating it can take from a 6 year old taking it to school and back.  It has also cleaned up easily.

All the features of the insulated case
The insulated carrying case is one of the best parts of this system.  It comes in a variety of patterns and helps to keep your lunch cold.  Inside there is a small mesh pocket for utensils, icepacks, or other things.  The best part of this case is the small whiteboard inside.  You can use dry erase markers to write notes to your child.  This is an awesome idea to give them something extra special in their lunch—a letter to tell them that you love them!

Overall, I am very happy with the Go Green Lunch Box.  If you are looking for a unique package that keeps your food fresh, and lets you keep everything together in one case, you should check out this lunch box.  However, if you like lunch box systems that are more compact with all dishwasher safe parts, then you might want to look elsewhere.   The whole package retails for $34.99 on the Go Green website.

Disclosure: Go Green Lunchboxes sent me this product to review.  I have received no other compensation for this post and the opinions I’m expressing here are solely my own.


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