Week 16: Angry Birds

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Angry Birds kids back to school lunch
Week 16: Angry Birds--in a new lunchbox!  For this week, I wanted to do something different and laptop lunches sent us a lunchbox to try out.  I ended up making my daughter's lunch in there.  I will post a full review on the lunchbox later this week.  My daughter loves Angry Birds so I thought this would be something different than I have done before.

The backgrounds were much easier in this because the lunchbox is bento style.  I also used some rubber decorative cups to accent it with different colors.  I finished with romaine lettuce to help the elements stay put.

Overall it was a pretty simple, healthy, and fun lunch.  Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and check out www.laptoplunches.com for more of their products.  Have a great week, tell me some of your ideas for making some different Angry Birds!


1 large piece dried mango
1 green grape
1 kiwi
1 strip of dark colored fruit leather
1 hard-boiled egg
1 Tbsp. fat-free cream cheese
1 slice of cheddar cheese
1 round Mini Babybel cheese
1 handful Triscuit crackers
2-3 leaves romaine lettuce

   Black food coloring and colored food markers

  1. Make a shallow cut all the way around the bottom of the round Mini Babybel cheese red wax.  Make two small circles of cream cheese for the eyes.  Put a dot of black food coloring in each eye (repeat these eyes for every character except the egg).  Cut a beak of cheddar cheese.  Draw eyebrows and hair out black food coloring.
  2. Cut dried mango into a triangle shape.  Make a line with cream cheese along the bottom.  Make eyes.  Cut the beak out of cheddar cheese.  Cut two small strips of red wax from the Babybel cheese to make the eyebrows.
  3. On a hard-boiled egg, draw facial features as shown in the picture. 
  4. Slice the brown skin off a kiwi and cut the kiwi in half.  From one half cut two small ears and a round nose.  Place them on the other half of kiwi to form the pig.  Make eyes.  Place two dots of black food coloring on the nose.
  5. On a green grape, make eyes and a black line for the eyebrow.  Cut the beak from cheddar cheese.
  6. Cut a circle out of dark fruit leather.  Make eyes.  Cut the beak from cheddar cheese and cut two strips of red wax for the eyebrow.
  7. Place lettuce as background in your container and make a platform out of Triscuit crackers.  Arrange birds and pig in the lunch box.


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