Week 1: Hello Kitty

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello Kitty easy kids lunch

Week 1: Here we go, my first official project, Hello Kitty, one of my daughter's favorites.  

Hello Kitty is pretty popular in my house.  My daughter loves her and many of the kids in her class do as well.  I can't believe she is still around, I remember the cartoon from when I was a kid.  Have fun with this and if Hello Kitty is a favorite of your child, give this lunch a shot!  Remember to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.


2 slices frozen sourdough bread
6 black tortilla strips
2 Tbsp. low-fat strawberry 
   cream cheese
1 handful of dried cranberries
1 serving peanut butter and jelly
3 strawberries
1 white “button” candy
1 handful goldfish crackers
1/2 cup fresh spinach

3 baby carrots

  1. Using the template as guide, cut Hello Kitty’s head out of 2 frozen slices of bread.  Spread peanut butter and jelly on the slices and press together in a sandwich.  If your child doesn’t like pb&j, use the ingredients they prefer.
  2. Form strawberry cream cheese into a bow shape and place on head by the ear, as shown in the picture.  Place white candy piece on top.  Use the cream cheese to make a small spot for the nose.  Press dried cranberries on the head for her eyes. 
  3. Use spinach as a background to cover the bottom of your container.  Place Hello Kitty head in the middle inside of container.   
  4. Arrange goldfish crackers on one side and dried cranberries on the other.  Fill in the top with strawberries.  Place three baby carrots on the bottom to fill up empty spots.
  5. Finish by pressing black tortilla strips onto the sides of Hello Kitty’s face for whiskers.  Use 3 on each side.


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