Despicable Me 2 Lunch Video Tutorial

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hey Everyone!  I obviously didn't post a recipe this Monday because my daughter and I were on TV.  If you missed it, here is our Despicable Me lunch tutorial video.  Just click on the image and it will open a new tab to take you to the Good Day Sacramento website to view it.  I hope to post the written recipe with more pics later.  Thanks for watching and be sure and enter our yubo lunchbox giveaway!
Click on the image above to watch the video tutorial!

Product Links From Good Day Sacramento

Monday, July 29, 2013

Here are the links to all the products I talked about on Good Day Sacramento today (this post contains affiliate links):

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5 Weeks of Free!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lunchbox Dad's 5 Weeks of FREE!  We are starting a new series of giveaways here at Lunchbox Dad to celebrate Back to School.  We have partnered with some fantastic companies to get you all geared up for the coming year.  

Each week (starting Monday, July 29), we will be holding contests where everyone has the chance to win.  All you have to do is check-in at to enter each week.  

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My New Book Adventures in Lunchboxing is Now Available!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bento Lunch Book
My new eBook is finally out!  Adventures in Lunchboxing will help make your life easier by showing you exactly how to make easy, fun, and healthy lunches for your kids.

Some of the included recipes are exclusive to this book and NEVER BEFORE SEEN ON MY BLOG. Even if you don't own an iPad or Kindle, you can read this on your PC or Mac and also print off chapters if you want a paper version! 

Easy to follow installation instructions for the book are included in the download.  You will also get exclusive printable templates to help you cut out shapes from the recipes!

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Lunchbox Dad on TV!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lunchbox Dad on TV Next Week! That's right, I will be on TV with my daughter next Monday, July 29.  Good Day Sacramento (the CW/CBS) morning show is having us on for two segments.  Check out how to make a special lunch at 7:45 am.  At 8:45am, we will be doing some product reviews and showing you the best lunch gear to get stocked up on for Back to School!

If you are not in the Sacramento area, you can still watch the live feed HERE.

Simple Summer: Rock and Roll Lunch

Monday, July 22, 2013

Wraps kids easy bento lunch
Simple Summer Rock and Roll Lunch: Today I thought I would share a lunch that is not only tasty and fun, but was also made for a purpose!  I call it my Rock and Roll Lunch because you have lots of round type food (including nuts and frozen blueberries) for the rocks and some great tasting wraps/rolls for the main course.

This is a very simple and fast lunch to make for the whole family.  It is also very balanced.  Rolls are great because you have a chance of hiding things in there that your kids might not normally eat.  You have some healthy stuff in the rolls plus lots of healthy and good tasting stuff on the outside.  My daughter loves grape tomatoes because she says they taste like grapes, even though she doesn't like regular tomatoes!  The reason I made this lunch was to announce that my wife and I are going to have another baby.  You can see the announcement picture below.  I used an Easy Lunch Boxes for all of these lunches.  Random Rock and Roll fact: Pearl Jam is my favorite rock band of all time and the best live concert band of all time.  If you disagree, comment below, but be prepared to back up your case!

Ingredients for each lunch:
--1 tortilla
--1 serving of mixed greens
--1 serving of meat
--1 serving sliced avocado
--1 stick of string cheese or slice of cheese
--1 handful of grape tomatoes
--1 handful of your family's favorite nuts
--1 handful of yogurt covered raisins
--Optional: 1 handful of blueberries

1.  Layout tortilla on flat surface.  Place meat and cheese in first.  Put lettuce and avocado in the middle (and anything else you think sounds good).  Roll up ingredients in tortilla.  Slice in half and stick a toothpick in each side.  Optionally roll up a stick of string cheese in the wrap instead of slice of cheese.

2.  Place both wraps in main dish container.  Surround with grape tomatoes.  If your kid won't eat these, try other fruits such as blueberries or strawberries.

3.  Use your family's favorite nuts (I used almonds) in one side dish and yogurt covered raisins in the other.

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Printcopia Canvas Print Review and Giveaway!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Printcopia Canvas Print Review: I have had my eye on a canvas print for a long time.  So when the people at Printcopia contacted me to do a review and giveaway for one, I jumped at the chance.  
The ordering process was simple, but shipping took longer than expected.  The build quality of the canvas print was sturdy and the quality of the picture was great.  However, before you order there are a few options that you will want to think about before you make your final decision...Click Here for my full in-depth review.

The good people at Printcopia have also offered a FREE canvas print to one lucky Lunchbox Dad reader!  So if you have ever wanted to have a canvas print of a photo, now is the time to get it.  Enter below as many times as you can and make sure to visit Printcopia to see all that they have to offer on their site.  Please note this giveaway is good for people in the U.S. and Canada only.

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Simple Summer: Zoo Party

Monday, July 15, 2013

Panda Zoo Party kids birthday party lunch
Simple Summer: Zoo Party.  It's inevitable.  As a dad or mom you have to throw at least one birthday party a year.  One event with screaming boys and girls who don't say thank you and spill juice on the carpet.  And that's just the other parents!  If you have to have food for a birthday party, why not make it fun and easy?  This is the actual meal I made for my son's birthday this year.  It was a combo party with a friend of his.  the party turned out great and the food was so easy.  This meal works for parties, sleepovers, playdates or anytime.  It is so easy to replicate for multiple meals (I made 10!).  It has a few more treats than I normally put in, but for a special occasion it was okay.  You will need some tools, but you can use them over and over.  The first one is the CuteZCute Cutter from BentoUSA.  It cuts sandwiches, cookies, etc. into fun animal shapes (like the panda).  I also used a rabbit shaped vegetable/fruit cutter.  You could use a regular cookie cutter as well.  The other tools are animal food picks.  I got these from Daiso, but you can find them on Amazon or from BentoUSA as well.

--2 slices of bread
--1 serving of peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, etc.
--1 banana
--2 strawberries
--half an apple
--1 slice of cheese
--Black food coloring
--4 jungle animal cookies

--Use the CuteZCute cutter to slice the bread into panda shapes.  It is very easy if you follow the instructions.  Fill sandwich depending on what your kids like.  I used blackberry jam and peanut butter to create the panda.
--Slice banana and strawberries into thin slices.  Slide them onto food picks alternating the fruit as shown.
--Use rabbit fruit slicer or cookie cutter to make rabbit shapes in both the apple and cheese.  Place the cheese on top of the apple.  Use black food coloring and toothpick to draw the rabbit face as shown in the picture.
--Place jungle cookies in muffin cup wrapper or similar container.  Arrange all the food items on a plate and serve to your family or guests.
I hope you are having a great summer.  Remember to follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.  Also, check back later in the week as we are having a great giveaway that you won't want to miss!  Thanks for reading Lunchbox Dad!


Product Review: yubo Lunch Box

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

yubo Lunchbox Review

You might have seen the yubo lunch box in the hands of celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner.  However, just because a product is hot with celebrities doesn't always mean it's practical enough for regular parents and kids living an everyday life.  Yubo "wanted to make the lunchbox customizable, interactive, fun, flexible, functional, washable, ecological, colorful, beautiful, and of course, very cool and loaded with personality."  The resulting product is fun, recyclable, dishwasher safe, and BPA free.  It starts at $29.95 plus shipping.  Click here to see the 1 Meal 3 Ways lunch I made in the yubo!

When I first opened the yubo package, the amount of pieces made me skeptical.  I always do real world testing, and with all of these pieces, how practical would this lunch box be?  After making numerous lunches in it, I find it simple and easy to use.  The custom ice pack (shown below) is such a great idea.  I hate trying to find room for an ice pack in other carriers.  The three leak proof food containers fit right on top of the ice pack (different size options are available).  You can pack items such as yogurt or fruit, as side dishes, and a sandwich with small snacks in the main container.  The containers give you options, but at the same time help you carefully consider what you are putting in your child's lunch.  The accessory that might be hard to get used to is the drink holder (shown below).  A bottle won't fit inside the box so a drink holder attaches to the outside (for an extra $5.95).

One feature that stands out in this lunch box is the fun factor.  yubo has made their box very customizable.  It comes with faceplates in many designs to complement the colors of the box.  However, you can also have them personalized.  They can include your child's name or you can even upload a picture that they have drawn!  The faceplates are available in horizontal (above) or their brand new vertical designs (to the left).  They easily slip in and out of the plastic panel that holds them so they can be changed to a different set when desired.

As far as durability goes, all the pieces are high quality plastic.  However, with kids (mine at least!) these will get bumped around quite a bit and might get some scuff marks with regular use.  They did hold up well in our testing.  One of the best parts of the yubo is how easy it is to clean.  You just take all the pieces apart and throw them in the dishwasher.  I love how both side panels come off so you don't get gunk stuck in the crevices!  The only thing not dishwasher safe are the faceplates.

If you can't tell, this has turned into one of my favorite lunch boxes to use.  The one drawback is the amount of pieces.  If your child has a habit of losing things, you could be ordering replacement parts for this quite often.  Regular Tupperware might work in the box, but you won't get the perfect fit that the yubo containers offer.  This could be frustrating to some parents.  Other than that, if you are looking for a FUN, easy to clean, personalized lunchbox, then you should try the yubo.  Check out for all the options and designs.

Disclosure: Yubo sent me this product to review.  I have received no other compensation for this post and the opinions I’m expressing here are solely my own.


Simple Summer: 1 Meal 3 Ways, Strawberry Mango Chicken Salad, Wraps, and Finger Food!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mango Strawberry bento lunch in yubo
Simple Summer: 1 Meal 3 Ways.  Strawberry Mango Chicken Salad, Wraps, and Finger Food! There are those moments when you only have a certain amount of time, energy, and ingredients.  The problem is you have multiple mouths to feed with various taste buds. Sometimes I also forget exactly which of my kids like one type of food and which likes the other. Does my daughter like raisins or my son?!

Maybe you want a salad, but your younger kids want something simple.  Plus, your ten year old will only eat lettuce if its hidden in a tortilla.  This is where this meal comes in.  It gives you lots of options which require almost all the same ingredients.  Not only that but, if one of the ingredients don't work for your family, it is easily substituted out for something else.  That's what's great about this meal.  I was skeptical so it went through the gauntlet with my family, and we loved it!  It is healthy, tasty, and very time efficient.  What more could you want?  I also made all the meals in my new Yubo lunch box, which couldn't have worked out better for the three different meal options.

Meal 1: Finger Food (to the right and above)
--Grilled chicken strips
--Sliced mango and strawberries
--1 serving fat-free Greek yogurt
--1 handful of almonds

--Put yogurt in one side dish.  Stir in a little honey if yogurt is too plain tasting.  If you want to go strictly with finger food, substitute cut up pieces of cheese for the yogurt.  Drop in a handful of almonds in the other side dish.
--Arrange mango, strawberry, and chicken slices in main dish.  Remember to make it look fun and organized.  If it looks fun, there's a better chance your child will eat it!

Meal 2: Salad (to the left)
--Grilled chicken strips
--Sliced mango and strawberries
--1 serving fat-free Greek yogurt
--1 handful of blue cheese crumbles
--1 handful of sliced almonds
--1 serving mixed greens
--1 granola bar or some whole wheat crackers

--Put yogurt in one side dish.  Stir in a little honey if yogurt is too plain tasting.  Use the other side dish for one granola bar or some whole wheat crackers.  
--Place mixed greens, mango, strawberries, chicken, almonds, and blue cheese together in the main dish.  If desired, put a little fat-free balsamic vinaigrette dressing on (not too much!)

Meal 3: Wraps (to the right)
--Grilled chicken strips
--Sliced mango and strawberries
--1 serving fat-free Greek yogurt
--1 handful of blue cheese crumbles
--1 handful of almonds (whole and sliced)
--1 serving mixed greens
--1 whole wheat tortilla

--Put yogurt in one side dish.  Stir in a little honey if yogurt is too plain tasting.  Use the other side dish for whole almonds.
--Lay out one tortilla.  Arrange mixed greens, chicken, mango, strawberries and a few sliced almonds on top (as shown to the right).  Finish with blue cheese.  If your family doesn't like blue cheese, you could substitue another low-fat shredded cheese instead.
--Roll up and slice the wrap in half using a sharp knife.  Place in main dish container.

I have been addicted to mangos and strawberries this summer and this tasted so good!  I hope you enjoy  this fast, easy, and tasty meal as much as my family did.  Remember to check out Yubo lunch boxes (my review of them will be coming this week).  Also please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!

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Simple Summer: 4th of July Turkey Sliders and Fruit Kabobs

Monday, July 1, 2013

holiday red white and blue kids bento lunch planetbox
Simple Summer: 4th of July.  Independence Day is almost here, so its time to start thinking about food.  We love this holiday.  The fireworks.  The BBQ.  The fireworks.  Did I mention the fireworks?  Well, if you are looking for some easy 4th of July themed food, look no further than Lunchbox Dad's Simple Summer!

This is a healthier alternative to some of the food that you will find at parties, but still fun, and still tasty.  You can make this for 4 or 14 and it will still be easy and it will stick with the red, white, and blue theme of the day.  This was made in a PlanetBox Shuttle lunch box.

Turkey Sliders

--Ground Turkey
--Hawaiian Rolls (trust me these are the ONLY buns to use on any slider)
--Small tomatoes
--White cheese (American, Swiss, etc.)

1.  Flatten ground turkey into a sheet and use kiddie cup or small cookie cutter to cut out small circle shape patties.
2.  Season to taste and cook patties.  Slice Hawaiian roll and put slider inside.
3.  Slice tomatoes and cheese.  Arrange on plate or 
in container.  Finish by placing an American flag 
toothpick in each slider.
Blue Yogurt
--Fat-free vanilla yogurt
--Blue food coloring

1. Pour desired amount of yogurt in bowl.  Mix in blue food coloring 2 drops at a time until desired shade is made.
2.  Place in individual bowls or large serving dish.

4th of July Fruit Kabobs
--1 piece of apple, 1 strawberry slice, and 3 blueberries for each kabob.
--Alternate apples, strawberries, and blueberries as you slide them onto each kabob stick.
--Make enough for 3 sticks for each person.
--For extra flair, cut apple slices into star shapes using vegetable cutter, cookie cutter, or just a knife!

Have fun on your 4th of July and make sure and check-in all summer long for Lunchbox Dad's Simple Summer.  Plus there are some great giveaways and announcements coming so don't miss those.  Keep up with everything on my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and well you know the rest!
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