Captain Marvel Lunch and Snack Recipe Ideas

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Captain Marvel Lunch and Snack Recipe Ideas

My family finally went and saw Captain Marvel this weekend and were not disappointed! Two out of my three kids said it might be there favorite superhero movie ever. However, my son changed his mind about three times. Other candidates were Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther, but he finally stood with Captain Marvel. Their favorite movie might change again next week, so I had to make sure and pack my kids this lunch pretty fast!

I decided to go with a Captain Marvel Sandwich, Space Galaxy Yogurt, and Goose the Cat made from a mandarin orange. I created it all in an Easy Lunch Boxes container. Read more below to find out how I made this lunch!

Mo Willems' Because Book Musical Lunch Box Recipe Ideas!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Disney Book Group. All opinions are my own.
Mo Willems Because Book Musical Lunch Box Recipe Ideas!

Have you ever thought back on key moments in your life, the people involved, and the events that fell into place, which then provided an opportunity that you have now? Mo Willems' new book Because is about those times where all of these things fall into place to make something magical happen! A little girl learns to create beautiful music because of a few chance happenings, hard work, and the impact of people around her.
Mo Willems Because Book Musical Lunch Box Recipe Ideas!

Can you think of any similar times in your life? For example, because someone bought your child a basketball for Christmas when they were five, they worked hard, were supported, and became a starter on their high school basketball team? For my family I would say because I started making my daughter these fun lunches six years ago, I was able to discover a love for social media, which opened up an opportunity to change careers and get a full-time job doing social media for a company. Sometimes I still can't believe it.

Take a minute to try and remember some of these "because" moments in your life or your family's life. Go ahead, I'll wait. Pretty amazing to think back on, right? If you enjoy seeing how everything is tied together, you and your kids will love the book Because. I won't give it all away, but my favorite points of the story are seeing the roles that people play that you don't even consider important at first. Train operators, paper printers, people who clean the floors, and others help make the music happen. Everyone is important!

Mo Willems Because Book Musical Lunch Box Recipe Ideas!

5 Things I Would Tell My 21-Year-Old Self

Monday, March 18, 2019

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Disrupt Aging from AARP. All opinions are my own.
5 Things I Would Tell My 21-Year-Old Self

Do you realize that 1999 was twenty years ago? TWENTY YEARS AGO! I'm not lying, do the math. When I think of 1999, I like to tell myself it was six or seven years ago tops. in 1999 I was twenty-one-years old, dating my future wife, finishing college, and not entertaining any of the thoughts that consume my mind today. I had endless passion and energy, could function on two hours of sleep, and could eat as much spicy food as I desired with zero regrets the next morning.  However, what I lacked was the wisdom that comes with life experience.

The thing is, I don't really feel much older than I did in my twenties. Except when I sleep on the wrong pillow and wake up paralyzed and unable to look left for the first half of the day. It is then that I remember that I'm in my forties now. Besides that, there are many things that I know now that I wish my younger self was more aware of. Here are five things that I wish that I could tell my twenty-one year old self to help Disrupt Aging.

St. Patrick's Day Lunch and Recipe Ideas!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

St. Patrick's Day Lunch Ideas!

St. Patrick's Day has always held a special place in our hearts. I don't know whether it's the shamrocks, the leprechauns, the pots of gold, or the corned beef and cabbage, we just really enjoy this holiday! We usually cook a St. Patty's Day meal at our house, but we also do some fun school lunches on or before the green celebration. This year is no different.

Here are a few ideas that we came up and one that we borrowed from a friend. If you want to find more, Pinterest is an awesome place to search. Also just search here on my blog for past ideas or just google "St. Patrick's Day Lunchbox Dad" for a list of them as well!

Wonder Park After-School Snack Ideas!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

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Wonder Park After-School Snack Ideas!

If your family is like our family, you all love amusement parks and love movies! We go on rides and head to theaters to see the latest family film every chance we get. This is why we can't wait until Wonder Park comes out on March 15! We have watched the trailer at least a dozen times, so it is pretty much engrained in my kids' heads. Inspired by the film, I made this fun after-school snack idea. You can share this snack platter with your kids while you all watch the trailer below together!

Wonder Park is about a girl named June who imagines an amazing amusement park and magically brings it to life with some help from her new animal friends. The character that makes us laugh the most has to be Boomer the big blue bear, so this snack idea features him at the top of a roller coaster. He is just so hilarious that I'm pretty sure once we see the movie itself, he will definitely be our favorite. Meet Boomer in the video below and then keep scrolling to see how to make this fun after-school snack!

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