How to Make a Mak the Parrot THE WILD LIFE Lunch

Monday, August 29, 2016

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You know when you see a brand new movie preview and you are convinced that your kids will definitely want to see the movie? Ok, let's be honest, you see the trailer and you immediately show it to your kids because YOU want to see it and want them to be as excited as you are. That's how I felt about the new movie THE WILD LIFE. I love a movie that I know I can take my kids to, we will all be entertained, and most importantly we will build memories together as a family. Once I saw the trailer I knew that THE WILD LIFE would be one of these movies. I also knew I had to make a special lunch for my kids to continue the excitement. The movie releases on September 9th, so I wanted to share this recipe with you before it comes out. But first, check out the trailer below.

Since "Mak" is one of the main characters, I decided to make him the center of the lunch. He definitely is colorful and was a perfect fit for the strawberries that we already had in our fridge. THE WILD LIFE takes place on a tropical island, with talking animals, shipwrecks, beaches, Robinson Crusoe, and pirates! I packed as many of those elements as I could into the lunch. To find out more about THE WILD LIFE check the movie out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and use #TheWildLife all over social media!

5 Easy Ideas For Connecting With Your Kids After School

Thursday, August 25, 2016

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You've finished your back to school shopping and the school year has started. You've learned to escape the school pickup lane with your car intact, although it might take until Christmas for your nerves to recover from that traumatizing experience. The big question is, what do you do once you get your kids home? There might be homework, or sports, but in those times in which your schedule is clear, how about spending a few minutes connecting with your kids? Here are a few easy ways for you to have fun and bond with your children before that dreaded meltdown time hits a few hours later.

Back to School Lunch

Monday, August 22, 2016

school lunch

Back to school. As a parent you either love it or you hate. My daughter has had times of excitement, my oldest son goes up and down like a wave. I don't know how your kids feel about this time of year, but mine definitely have mixed feelings. My daughter was disappointed not to have some of her old friends in her class, but we have tried to encourage her to make new friends. Guess what, she has! My son was excited because one of his best friends is in his class when he thought they had been split into different classes. Needless to say it's been quite an emotional first week, but it is always is, isn't it?

How to Win at Buying Shoes For Back-to-School

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

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Back-to-school season is in full swing, but if your kids don't have shoes, then you aren't finished shopping. Don't worry, I have you covered so you can win at back-to-school shopping. Well, at least when it comes to shoes. I want to give you some tips, show you what we decided on for my kids, and then let you in on our secret for shopping for children's shoes!

The first tip is to plan ahead. You see, many stores try and get you with huge back-to-school sales. The problem with these sales is that you might save a few dollars overall, but you will have to battle gargantuan crowds and you will end up needing a week long vacation just to recover. However if you find a store that offers great prices all the time, then you can pick up the exact shoes you need whenever you want.

stride rite leepz

Here's your next tip. Shopping online works well for some things, but when it comes to kids shoes my family wants to be able to try them on before we buy. My kids need to be able to walk around in the shoes to see what they feel like, but it's harder to do that online. The best route is to find a place

10 Great Lunch Ideas For Back-to-School Lunches!

Monday, August 15, 2016

It's back-to-school time (or it will be shortly) for your kids. What do you feed them for lunch? How do you get away from the unhealthy brown bags or "lunchable" type meals? Here are some ideas from my friends and I that will help you start the school year off right!

1. Simple ABC Lunch from Lunchbox Dad

2. Back-to-School lunch from Bunches O Lunches

5 Terrific Tips For Packing For A Family Day Trip

Thursday, August 11, 2016

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Summer is still going strong, and families are trying to squeeze in every last trip they can. Whether you are going hiking, to the beach, or just to your favorite amusement park, a little bit of planning can save a whole bunch of headaches. Have you ever had the brilliant idea of taking a fun day trip only to remember three important things you left behind...after you had already driven ten miles down the road? Yeah, me too. Try picking up sunscreen at amusement park prices without taking a second mortgage out on your house first. My family has mastered the day trip, so we wanted to share five packing tips with you that will not only make your life easier, but could save your whole day!

Win $500 in Prizes by Making Your Own Fun Kids Lunch!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

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Hey Lunchbox Dad readers, now it's your turn to make a fun lunch, but this time you can win some awesome prizes! To celebrate the back-to-school season, I have partnered with MintedPottery Barn Kids, and Whole Foods to give you a chance to make a fun and healthy kid's child’s lunchbox! Make sure and follow them all on Instagram!

Show us your own creative #LunchboxStyling and you can win up to $500 in prizes from MintedPottery Barn Kids, and Whole Foods! We'll select our favorite entries to win for Best Kid Styled Design, Animal Inspired, Most Creative Healthy Lunch, Outer Space Inspired, and our very own Editors Choice Awards.

Go to for more details and to learn how to enter!

This One Cool Feature Makes These PackIt Lunch Bags Ultra Unique!

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It's just about back-to-school time, and this means all of us parents are either cheering or dreading the end of summer. It also means that we are planning an in-depth strategy for invading the back-to-school section of our local store. You simply cannot go in with no plan whatsoever. Sometimes I feel like I might need an NFL coach, drawing up strategic plays, just to survive that one section of the store. Or maybe it is to survive the parking lot. Sometimes that's worse than the school drop off lane. Either way, one question I always get is what lunchbox should I buy for back-to-school?

A number of factors can go into that decision, but the PackIt lunch bag line has one crazy cool feature that I haven't seen anywhere else! It makes life as a parent so much easier. I also am giving you a simple and fun lunch recipe that I came up with by reading through to the end of this post.

Win $100 from PackIt by entering my giveaway below!

First of all, the new PackIt lunch bags can fit many of your current containers, or bento lunchboxes, inside but they can also hold your food without a lunchbox as well! The great feature that sets these

Bacon Brie + Raspberry Grilled Cheese Sandwich (With Video)

Monday, August 1, 2016

Recipe Video Tutorial

There are definitive moments in a person's life that change the way we live and think. This is one of those moments. Well, it's one of those moments when it comes to how you think about grilled cheese! Most of the recipes I make on here are kid-friendly and family friendly. This is probably and exception. Not that your kids won't like this, but I guarantee you will want to keep it all for yourself! The bacon and brie are amazing, but my secret is the super easy to make balsamic raspberry topping. Watch the video below to see how to make it. I also listed the ingredients you will need right below the video.

4 Slices of Brie Cheese
2 Slices Bacon
2 Slices Rustic Multigrain Bread
1/3 Cup Raspberry Jam
3 TBS. Dried Cherries (optional)
2 TBS Balsamic Vinegar

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