Simple Summer: Rock and Roll Lunch

Monday, July 22, 2013

Wraps kids easy bento lunch
Simple Summer Rock and Roll Lunch: Today I thought I would share a lunch that is not only tasty and fun, but was also made for a purpose!  I call it my Rock and Roll Lunch because you have lots of round type food (including nuts and frozen blueberries) for the rocks and some great tasting wraps/rolls for the main course.

This is a very simple and fast lunch to make for the whole family.  It is also very balanced.  Rolls are great because you have a chance of hiding things in there that your kids might not normally eat.  You have some healthy stuff in the rolls plus lots of healthy and good tasting stuff on the outside.  My daughter loves grape tomatoes because she says they taste like grapes, even though she doesn't like regular tomatoes!  The reason I made this lunch was to announce that my wife and I are going to have another baby.  You can see the announcement picture below.  I used an Easy Lunch Boxes for all of these lunches.  Random Rock and Roll fact: Pearl Jam is my favorite rock band of all time and the best live concert band of all time.  If you disagree, comment below, but be prepared to back up your case!

Ingredients for each lunch:
--1 tortilla
--1 serving of mixed greens
--1 serving of meat
--1 serving sliced avocado
--1 stick of string cheese or slice of cheese
--1 handful of grape tomatoes
--1 handful of your family's favorite nuts
--1 handful of yogurt covered raisins
--Optional: 1 handful of blueberries

1.  Layout tortilla on flat surface.  Place meat and cheese in first.  Put lettuce and avocado in the middle (and anything else you think sounds good).  Roll up ingredients in tortilla.  Slice in half and stick a toothpick in each side.  Optionally roll up a stick of string cheese in the wrap instead of slice of cheese.

2.  Place both wraps in main dish container.  Surround with grape tomatoes.  If your kid won't eat these, try other fruits such as blueberries or strawberries.

3.  Use your family's favorite nuts (I used almonds) in one side dish and yogurt covered raisins in the other.

Thanks for following me during our Simple Summer series.  I have some really big announcements coming this week so be sure and check back regularly.  Also, my Pictopia Canvas Photo Print Giveaway ends tonight so make sure and enter for your chance to win!  Check out Lunchbox Dad on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!  We post so much extra great stuff on those sites, you want want to miss out.


  1. Just can across your blog today. Very impressed and love it already lol! Of course I had to subscribe after seeing you're a Pearl Jam fan. Hands down the best band of all time in my opinion! Glad to follow you're blog and get some great ideas. :)

    1. Thanks anonymous reader. If I could do a Pearl Jam lunch I would. Maybe someday!

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