Disney PLANES Fire & Rescue Back to School Lunch

Monday, July 28, 2014

Disney Planes Fire and Rescue Lunch Recipe

Believe it or not it's officially back to school season for many families. Because it's that crazy time of year again, I am going to be giving you some great ideas, over the next few weeks, to make the transition from summer to school easier and more fun. Last week I took my kids to see the Disney movie Planes Fire & Rescue. We had so much fun that I had to make some Planes lunches this week! Today is Dusty Crophopper flying over the burning forest.

The carved apple is was supposed to be similar to the Planes logo and I had to put in trail mix. What's a story about being in the woods without some trail mix to go along with it? I made this lunch in an Easy Lunch Boxes container. Pacific Foods also sent me some food to try out so I included their buttermilk bread and almond milk in this lunch. 

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Dusty Crophopper Planes Lunch
Dried mango
Nori (dried seaweed snacks)
Organic buttermilk bread
Cheddar cheese
Red apple
Trail mix
Chocolate Almond Milk
Blue food coloring
Cream cheese (optional)

1. Cut a Dusty Crophopper shape out of a piece of bread. Its really simple just look at the picture of mine, it's much easier than it looks. Don't forget the pontoons! Also cut out slivers for propeller blades from the heel of the bread.

2. Slice cheddar cheese to make the three orange pieces. Make sure they line up and cover the bread where needed. 

3. Cut out the front window and little circle for the propeller from a tortilla. Make the eyes on the front window with dabs of blue food coloring. You can use toothpicks to stick the pieces together. Another tip is to use a few dabs of fat-free cream cheese to paste the cheese and bread pieces together.

4. Lay nori in the main compartment of the lunchbox. Put down your dried mango flames first. I actually didn't have to do much cutting because most of the pieces came looking that way. Put a few pieces of broccoli trees where desired. Finally, lay Dusty Crophopper on top of everything. 

5. Carve out "PLANES" from the apple by using a paring knife to make shallow cuts in the skin. Gently pry up the peel with the tip of the knife. Don't be intimidated, it doesn't take much time or talent at all! Place this in one side dish on top of tortilla scraps (if desired). Put trail mix in a second side dish.

6. I used Pacific Foods single serving box of almond chocolate milk to finish off this lunch. Have fun with this lunch and make sure to look out for a new Planes lunch later this week! 

Disney Planes Fire and Rescue Lunch Recipe

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned two products for free from Pacific Foods. I have received no other compensation for this post and the opinions I’m expressing here are solely my own.


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