One of My New Favorite Grill Recipes: American Craft Bacon Ranch Sausages

Monday, July 14, 2014

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American Craft Bacon Ranch Sausages #StartYourGrill #CollectiveBias #Shop

You know that feeling when you've found that one recipe? You know the one. It makes your mouth water just thinking about it, but it's simple enough to throw on at the last minute for those unexpected guests? The American Craft Bacon Ranch Sausage has become one of my family's go to grilling recipes for this month. We have used it tailgating, for family events, and also "just because." 

As a kid, I grew up loving sausages and loving baseball. There was something about sitting in the stands and having a hot dog while watching the two teams compete. It didn't matter whether it was the majors or little league, it wasn't baseball without a dog. I still loving going to the ballpark and getting a polish sausage smothered in peppers and onions. However, after I came up with this recipe, the ballpark frank has some serious competition. In fact, after you taste this recipe, you may never want to have a sausage another way again.

I found the American Craft sausage on a trip to Safeway grocery store. They were so easy to find because they are located in the same aisle with hot dogs, and right next to the bacon, which you will need for this recipe anyway!

American Craft Bacon Ranch Sausages #StartYourGrill #CollectiveBias #Shop

The great thing about American Craft Sausages (besides the taste) is that they are handcrafted to deliver the best possible flavor. If you look at how they make them, you will see they start with the best cuts of 100% pork and make them only with real ingredients like garlic and bourbon. Beyond all that, what doesn't go in them is just as important. American Craft doesn't have any nitrites, nitrates, or MSG. All you taste is the sausage, unlike other lower quality brands. All of this means is you need to use American Craft sausage in this recipe or you won't get the amazing taste that you and your family want. 

So #StartYourGrill and get ready for a recipe that will make you the hero of your next backyard party!

American Craft Bacon Ranch Sausages #StartYourGrill #CollectiveBias #Shop

American Craft Sausage (either Garlic & Onion or Smoky Bourbon flavor)
Strips of bacon, one for each sausage
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 avocado, diced
1 tomato, diced
1 cup fresh cilantro
Ranch dressing
Hot Dog or Sandwich style buns
American Craft Bacon Ranch Sausages #StartYourGrill #CollectiveBias #Shop
1. Wrap each American Craft sausage in one strip of uncooked bacon. Sprinkle with brown sugar and lightly pat the sugar onto the bacon to help it stay on. The brown sugar will caramelize while it cooks and give you an amazing sweet and salty flavor. Alternately, you may cook the bacon with brown sugar separately, dice it up, and top the sausage with it later. I prefer to cook it as shown.
2. Barbecue each sausage, making sure both it and the bacon are done evenly. You will know the sausage is ready when the bacon is crispy, but not burnt, and the sausage looks about ready to pop. Make sure you remove the sausage before it bursts, to seal in moisture. If you are barbecuing on a propane grill, cook the sausages over indirect heat in order to prevent bacon drippings from causing flare ups. 
3. Place sausage in a robust bun. This is not a recipe to go cheap on the buns with. Don't use the .99 cent special! I use a sourdough sandwich roll with mine. 
4. Top sausage link with avocados and tomatoes. Sprinkle cilantro sparingly over the top. Finish by drizzling ranch dressing on everything. 
5. Serve immediately with your favorite chips and side of summer fruit. However, be warned, you will be addicted to these American Craft Bacon Ranch sausages after only one time! You will keep coming back again and again so you might as well buy extra.

American Craft Bacon Ranch Sausages #StartYourGrill #CollectiveBias #Shop


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