How to Make an Apple Owl Lunch For Your Kids!

Thursday, July 30, 2020

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Chelan Fresh. All opinions are my own.
How to Make an Apple Owl Lunch For Your Kids!

When it comes to school, so much is up in the air right now. Will it be completely online? Will it be in person in the classroom? One thing is not uncertain, our kids are going to need lunch! Well if it was up to them they would want breakfast, snack, second snack, lunch, the sequel to lunch, dinner (but not the dinner you made), and then dessert. This is why I love having meal plans in my back pocket that can work for any meal, like this owl food art idea, and also why I love Rockit (™) apples!

How to Make an Apple Owl Lunch For Your Kids!

Rockit (™) apples from Chelan Fresh have been a favorite fruit of mine for years. They first caught my eye in the local grocery store because of their size. They are tiny and perfect for a snack but how would they taste? I bought them, brought them home, and tested them out. I was shocked at how sweet and crisp they were! Ever since then, we've bought them for snacks, lunches, and whatever other occasion where we needed a portable, fresh, and good for you snack.

Whenever I want to make a new kid-friendly meal idea that works for home or school, Rockit apples are a perfect addition. It's always fun to make an animal themed lunch and this owl meal is super easy. Your kids will love it, so scroll down to find out how to make it for your family!

How to Make an Apple Owl Lunch For Your Kids!

Ingredients: Rockit (™) apples, white cheese, cheddar cheese, black olives, pretzel sticks, spinach tortillas.

1. For each owl, slice a small piece off of the back of a Rockit (™) apple so it will sit flat and then cut two slices off of another apple for each wing. You will then need two round apple pieces for the eyes. If you are making two owls you will need about three Rockit (™) apples.

2. Next cut two circles of white cheese and three triangles of cheddar cheese. Set aside two black olives for each owl.

3. Cut two leaves out of spinach tortilla and cheddar cheese and grab one pretzel stick for each owl. The photo below shows all of the pieces that you will need for one owl.

How to Make an Apple Owl Lunch For Your Kids!

4. Arrange the apple slice wings on the plate and place the apple body over them. You can use toothpicks to secure the apple eyes if you are having trouble keeping them in place. Layer on the white cheese and black olives. Finish the face with the cheddar cheese triangle beak.

5. Place the pretzel stick below the body and arrange the tortilla and cheese leaves how you want them. Finish by putting the cheese feet on the pretzel stick below the apple.

The next time your kids are asking for a snack, or you need some portable nourishment, grab a Rockit (™) apple, or even make this fun owl themed food art meal! 


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