My Most Controversial Recipe Ever: Fairy Bread and Lunchbox Dad

Monday, July 20, 2020

Fairy Bread Recipe

Dear Australia,
You know I love you. We've had some good times together. Remember when I came and visited and we did some TV Shows in Sydney and some radio interviews talking about lunches? I know, I know, it was few years ago but still they are great memories. But now you've taken it too far. The hate on my TikTok from your fairy bread traditionalists has moved things to a dark place. So before our relationship is irreparably damaged, please let me tell my side.

Watch my Controversial TikTok Video Below!

In my TikTok video below you can clearly hear that I recognized, and gave homage to butter being the standard spread for fairy bread. I admitted it. But can you really tell me that peanut butter isn't the superior bread on a sandwich? Let's be honest here.

Also, your people have made it clear that hundreds and thousands sprinkles are the only kind of decorative treat allowed on top of fairy bread. Please show grace as we don't have that here in America. We have something similar but in this time of quarantine, and when I made my video, we didn't have that in my cupboard. Going to the store was only for essentials and unfortunately I had to go with what I had available. Did I make a mistake in this area? Possibly. This is more of a gray area.

Last, your fairy bread loyalists swear that only one piece of bread is the only way to make this delicious dessert. But let's remember that I am Lunchbox Dad so I must take things to a different level. If one piece of bread is good, a second with a heart cut out is better. Making fun sandwiches is my thing so I couldn't just leave well enough alone. It was my duty to add some artistic flair!

As you can see I was only doing my best to honor the treasured food of your country. Can we come to some sort of compromise for the sake of our longstanding relationship? I believe that we can live in a world where peanut butter fairy bread and traditional fairy bread can live together in harmony. I promise I won't disrepect vegemite if we can shake hands as friends once again.

Beau Coffron
The Lunchbox Dad

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  1. I love the peanut butter better. The kids do too and they also love getting the hearts and stars! We actually took it a step further and added Nutella inside with the peanut butter and different types of sprinkles. We have a bunch of different cutouts and used a dog, Santa and flowers to name a few! The kids would be disappointed if you didn’t give an idea that was cute and fun for them! That’s what your all about! Please don’t change!

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  11. I just found out about fairybread so I googled it and found this blog. Your entires are very entertaining to read! Very good opinion, I think you can only make them better by adding that creative flair :)


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