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Sunday, October 7, 2018

How to make a Hotel Transylvania lunch!

You can't talk about fun family Halloween movies if you don't include Hotel Transylvania on that list. My kids were begging to see the newest movie all summer long. The series is just good natured and hilarious. As far as comedic monster movies go, Hotel Transylvania hits the mark for sure. My favorite character might be Blobby, but my kids love Frank, Winnie, and of course Drac. So I figured that I have been making fun lunches long enough that this lunch was long overdue.

I made this lunch an Easy Lunch Boxes container. One tip is you will want to leave the fondant in a separate container overnight or it will start to "melt" on the tortilla. Do the same thing with the candy googly eyes on Blobby. It will only take a second to assemble it in the morning. It is also always fun to watch one of the movies before you make the lunch for them. You can never go wrong with spending some family time together and then reminding your kids of it the next day with a fun lunch! Keep reading for the entire recipe.

How to make a Hotel Transylvania lunch!
Ingredients: Flour tortillas, sliced cheese, sliced turkey (or other sandwich filling), whole wheat bread, raisins, fondant, black food coloring marker, grape tomatoes, pickle, green jello, candy googly eyes.

1. Cut flour tortilla in the shape of Drac's head. Use the first tortilla as a guide to cut a second one. Layer cheese and meat on top of tortilla and top with second tortilla. Use tortilla scraps to make Drac's nose and ear.

2. Form fondant in the shape of Drac's hair, eyebrows, and eyes. Place on head and draw mouth and neckline with food coloring marker.

3. Cut whole wheat bread into a triangle. Place in main compartment of lunchbox. Surround with raisins and top with Drac's head.

4. Drop grape tomatoes in side compartment. Cut white cheese into strips and arrange like mummy cloths. Top with pieces of pickle to make Murray the Mummy. The pickle pieces can be held in place with toothpick if desired.

5. Spoon Jello into second side compartment. Stick on candy googly eyes to make Blobby.

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How to make a Hotel Transylvania lunch!

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