An Apple Sauce Sandwich Lunch

Monday, October 3, 2016

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Tree Top, but all opinions are my own.
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Apples and school go together like peanut butter and...wait I guess that doesn't work for this lunch because I'm not using jelly. Technically I'm not advocating using peanut butter either. Well, you get my point. Since school just started for many of your kids, I thought it would be really fun to create a completely different type of sandwich idea. I wanted to bring an interactive element into it as well, so this is something that your kids actually finish once they have lunchtime at school! Read on to find out how to do that.

Besides the interactive recipe below, I wanted to add an additional level of fun. I came up with an idea that any parent can do. Use the Tree Top Apple Sauce pouch to create a lunch note word scramble. All you need is a permanent marker to circle the letters on the back to make a secret message. Make lines at the top so your child knows how many letters are in each word. Then they unscramble the letters and put them in order. Below is a pouch where I created a mystery note that, when unscrambled, says, "I love you." It's easy and fun!

TRee Top

I felt it necessary to put this idea to the test, so I made some test sandwiches, and presented them to my daughter. No one gives you a brutally honest opinion like a kid, right? So I used my apple cookie cutter to carefully create the bread shape, gingerly applied the nut-free spread, and then used the utmost precision to top the slice with just the right amount of Tree Top Apple Sauce from the pouch. I pressed another slice of bread on top and presented it to my daughter. I watched her facial expressions and waited expectantly for the final judgement. Her eyes lit up and she gave me the go ahead to include it in a lunch. She finished by saying, "It was actually really good." I guess that's the only affirmation you will get from a ten-year-old, so I considered it a success!

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Ingredients: Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouch, Tree Top Apple Juice Box, whole wheat bread slice, nut-free spread, homemade trail mix, your kid's favorite vegetables.

1. Use cookie cutter to make apples out of a slice of bread. Apply nut-free spread to it and put other slice of bread on top.

2. In main compartment place your child's favorite veggies. I used multi-colored carrot sticks because they taste good, but also come in fun Fall colors. Place sandwich on top of veggies. Tell your kid to apply desired amount of Tree Top Apple Sauce to bread, when it is lunch time, to complete the sandwich goodness. They can of course finish off the apple sauce pouch as well!

3. In side compartment put your own recipe of trail mix. I included some dried apples to go along with the apple theme. Finish off with Tree Top Apple Juice Box!

As you can see, there are plenty of options for this lunch. Feel free to substitute in any ingredients that you feel would work better for your own child. Other than that, have fun with this apple themed lunch!

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