A Beat Bugs Snack and Netflix Gift Card Giveaway!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

This post is sponsored by Netflix. Come together with the Beat Bugs and enjoy a new family show inspired by the music of the Beatles. Now Streaming!

Have you ever found a show that is meant for young kids, but one way or another, the entire family gets sucked in? For our family, this is the show Beat Bugs on Netflix. If you haven't seen it, Beat Bugs is about a group of fun little bugs, who learn important lessons, while singing songs inspired by the Beatles.

This is how it usually works in my family. My youngest asks to watch Beat Bugs. We turn Netflix on. The older kids sit down to watch. Humming along ensues, parents stop to watch, and so and so forth. You get the picture. The whole show is pretty much addicting.

In fact, when my in-laws were visiting recently, my father-in-law and son watched Beat Bugs on the iPad. They had a touching bonding moment while they sang the songs together. What we have found
is that, while this show is geared for kids,it has brought all generations together in our family! Check out the picture of my father-inlaw and son singing together, then look below to find out how to win a Netflix gift card and see the recipe for my easy Beat Bugs "Crick" snack.


It's easy to see how this show can draw the whole family in. Because of the animation, incredible music inspired by the Beatles, and life lessons, I knew I had to make a kids' snack recipe for you to try with your family. This is a snack based on the character "Crick" and it can be made in a matter of minutes!


Ingredients: Green apple, whole wheat tortilla, white cheese slice, raisins, celery, cubes of cheese, toothpicks, music themed food picks, cream cheese (optional), lemon wedge (optional).


1. Cut a green apple in half. If needed, rub with lemon so apple doesn't brown. Slice a whole wheat tortilla in the shape shown in above picture of ingredeints. Cut a long rectangle piece of tortilla. Place both tortilla pieces over the top of apple where shown and poke toothpicks into each side of the apple. Cover each toothpick with a raisin.

2. Cut slice of white cheese into two big circles. Put on top of tortilla rectangle for the eyes. Place a raisin in each circle of cheese. If necessary, use a little cream cheese to paste down the eyes.

3. Cut a circle and smile shape from a celery stick. Put in place for the nose and mouth. Use a little cream cheese to paste if you have trouble holding it in place.

4. Poke two toothpicks about 1/3 of the way into the top of the apple. Bend in the middle. Put one raisin on the top of each one to make the antenna.

5. Place a music themed toothpick into each cube of cheese. If you don't have music themed food picks, you can put music stickers at the end of each toothpick.


I already told you that my kids love Beat Bugs, but I don't know what my whole family would do without Netflix. There's nothing like sitting down after a long day and watching Stranger Things at night. Of course, Netflix is also great for getting a little extra sleep on the weekends by letting your kids watch a show like Beat Bugs in the morning.

We have had Netflix for years, so we know that something like a Netflix gift card can be a very useful family prize. Thankfully, they have given me a few gift cards to give away to you! You can win one of five Netflix gift cards that are good for three months of free service. Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Please note that this giveaway is only good for residents of the United States.

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