Dr. Seuss Yertle the Turtle Lunch

Monday, March 24, 2014

Dr. Seuss Yertle the Turtle bento lunch

Year 2, Week 27: Yertle the Turtle lunch. It is still National Reading Month and so I thought I would attempt another book lunch. This one comes from one of my favorites as a kid. I must have read this book a thousand times growing up. I had the chance to introduce it to my kids last night and they loved it. My daughter thought it was hilarious how the turtles kept piling on top of each other to make a higher throne for Yertle. I hope you have had a chance to read some books with your kids this month. If not, its never too late to start! I cherish the times I get to spend with my kids laying on the floor reading with them. It's how we end our night and it is so fun! 

Dr. Seuss Yertle the Turtle bento lunch

This lunch was made with a ton of leftovers. Chicken, rice, and veggies, leftover from dinner are perfect to make into a fun lunch for your kids. I know what you are thinking though. How do you put the lid on this box? The turtle stack is on a skewer and I just pulled it out of the rice and laid it down. It was really pretty easy. I thought the mango, chicken, and rice flavors combined well to make a tasty main dish. Yertle the Turtle also talks about a blueberry bush and a moon so that is why I used those here. The yogurt covered raisins reminded me of turtle eggs, so I threw them in for a dessert.

For this lunch I also used Lunchbox Love notes and I made it in an Easy Lunchboxes container. I hope you have a great rest of the month reading to your kids and remember to follow me on Twitter @LunchboxDad. I have spent some extra time there lately sharing some of my fun (and funny) times with being a dad.

Chicken chunks
Fresh sliced mango
Fresh blueberries
Snap peas
Babybel cheese
Yogurt covered raisins
Black food coloring
1. Cut two snap peas in half long ways for every turtle you wish to make. Place two on skewer in an "X" shape then one more on top of those. Put broccoli on top of snap peas for shell. Repeat for as many turtles as you want.
2. Arrange rice, mangos, and chicken in main container. I thought the mangos and chicken pieces looked like rocks and plants. I used a silicon cup and grass shaped green baran to separate an area for blueberries as well.
3. Cut moon shape out of the wax in a Babybel cheese round. Place in second side dish.
4. Optionally, put a Lunchbox Love note in your container to show your kids how much you love them and it also gives them a fun fact.


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