Winter Family Olympics 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Racing Model Pacifier #parenting
The Winter Olympics in Sochi aren't the only games around. Maybe you have competed in some of these competitions at your house this winter?

Pacifier Racing: This is the race to keep up with the daily demand of pacifiers around the house. Do you have the endurance to stick with the pace of washing these things and then within 3.5 seconds seeing the same pacifier on the floor, ready to be washed again?

Vegetable Wrestling: This is the battle of wills that happens at the dinner table. First match involves peas, your kid's stubbornness, and your patience. Who will be victorious?

Staring Contest: Let's be honest, a one month old can stare down even a trained veteran. Their whole existence revolves around eating, pooping, and staring. Notice I didn't say sleeping?

Speed Relay to the Car: There are many legs to this race. You have the mandatory five reminders to the older kids that it is time to go, the passing of the baby in the car seat carrier, triple checking of the diaper bag for extra supplies, and the all important u-turn to pick up the forgotten school homework.

What family competitions do you have to add to the list? Are you enjoying the Olympics at your house or maybe just focusing on winter survival? Let me know in the comments below!


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