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Monday, January 13, 2014

Leftovers lunch in a yubo

I have been flooded with sick kids, a newborn baby, and sleeplessness so I will have a new lunch later this week.  My daughter hasn't even been back to school yet because she has been so sick with the flu.  So I decided to post this leftover lunch from awhile back.  I kept this around to show that I lose inspiration and run out of time too.  This was an easy lunch (I used Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters) but my daughter still loved it.  You know why?  Because I made it special for her.  

I'm even showing you something I have never showed before.  I am showing the note that I include with every lunch.  I try and help her feel special not only with the lunch but with words.  You may not always have time to make a fun lunch, but there is always a minute to tell your kids that you love them!  I made this lunch in a yubo lunchbox with Lunchbox Love notes.

This is a simple lunch.  I cut out a meat and cheese sandwich with Lunch Punch cutters.  I then surrounded it with dried cranberries and carrot sticks.  For the sides I put in nonfat Greek yogurt and strawberries.  

I did something special and easy with the strawberries, I cut them into hearts.  It is simple and effective.

For the Lunchbox Love note, I used the back to write my note on.  See, I even have bad handwriting!

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Lunchbox Love Notes and yubo


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