Super Seven Layer Dip and Super Kids Platter for Your Next Party

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tyson Super Moments Seven Layer Dip #AD #SuperMoments #cbias

Whenever you throw a party for the football playoffs, and especially the Big Game, you need there to be plenty of Super Moments for it to be a success. At my recent party, Tyson and Kraft teamed up to help the football food to be a winner. The game on TV was entertaining, but the real action was in the kitchen where people were raving about our game day recipes for Super Seven Layer Dip and Super Kids Platter.

Between the breaks in the game, people couldn't wait to get back to the appetizer table to get more of my Super Seven Layer Dip. They loved the combination of the Chicken Strips and Southwest Ranch! It is so simple and tasty your party guests will call you their MVP! The recipe is below and believe me you are going to want this at your next football party, or maybe even just for lunch today!

Tyson Super Moments Seven Layer Dip ingredients #SuperMoments #ad #cbias

Super Seven Layer Dip
4 Chicken Strips, 1 cup Kraft Taco Bell Southwest Ranch, 1 can refried beans, 1/2 cup salsa, 3/4 cup shredded cheese, 1 tomato diced, 1 avocado diced

Cook Chicken strips according to package directions and let cool completely. Chop chicken into bite sized pieces. Mix together beans and salsa. Layer ingredients in the order listed here: Bean mix, Kraft dip, Tomatoes, Avocados, Chicken, Cheese, Olives. Cover and place in refrigerator to keep cool until ready to serve.

To see exactly what each layer looked like as we were building the dip, please watch the very short video below. This will show you exactly how to do it!

I also put together some food that was kid friendly and very fun. Kids all have different tastes and love playing with their food. The Super Kids Platter has tastes for every kid! It features Popcorn Chicken (what kid doesn't love that) and Kraft Velveeta Cheesy Ranch. The kids all had a blast and they got to make their own funny or monster faces with the food from the platter. This dish was a win for every kid at our party!

Tyson Super Moments Super Kids Platter #SuperMoments #ad #cbias

Super Kids Platter

Popcorn Chicken, Kraft Velveeta Cheesy Ranch Dip, Hard boiled eggs, Sliced carrots, Sliced cucumbers, Black olives, String cheese, Orange segments, Celery sticks, Grape tomatoes, Broccoli

Put Kraft Dip into bowl for dipping. Cook Popcorn Chicken according to package instructions. Arrange all ingredients on a large platter. Let kids pick the food that they want and encourage them to have fun making their own funny faces or monster faces. Let them get creative and then tell them they can eat their creations!
Kids eating Tyson Super Moments Super Kids Platter #SuperMoments #ad #cbias
Hopefully your football party has as many great Super Moments and tasty food as mine did! Remember, its not a party without great food and with these two recipes you wont have to worry about the food because it will be a hit!

Tyson Chicken and Kraft Ranch Dip #SuperMoments #cbias #ad


  1. I love that you used Tyson Chicken in the 7-layer dip as opposed to the greasy ground beef that most people use. This Super Moments concept is hysterical. Looks like everyone had a great time. #client

    1. Thanks Christy, the chicken and ranch made the dip. It was delicious!

  2. That dip rocks!!! YUM! Great post! #client

    1. Thanks Kristin, the dip was a huge hit at my party and the kids loved the food platter!


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