Roblox School Lunch Recipe Ideas!

Monday, August 30, 2021

 Roblox School Lunch Recipe Ideas!

I have a confession. I don't know much about Roblox. Most of what I know comes from what my sons tell me because they want to play it any chance that they get. Mostly they just play with their cousins. So this lunch took quite a bit of Google homework to accomplish. It actually might have taken longer to research Roblox characters and items than actually making the lunch! 

So here is what I learned that I incorporated into the lunch. There is a character named "Builderman" that is pretty much front and center whenever you search for Roblox. He almost looks like a LEGO character and has a yellow hat that is like a hard hat. He also carries a hammer for obvious reasons. It's very on-brand for him. 

Roblox School Lunch Recipe Ideas!

Apparently, you can also get loot like clothes, weapons, and animals. Also, there's Robux, which is real digital money that you spend your real hard-earned cash on. You can never have enough and spend it way faster than you want. Which seems about right. So I incorporated all of these things into this lunch. Here are the ingredients I used to make each item.

Builderman Sandwich: I made this guy out of tortilla, cheddar cheese, and nori. The facial features are food coloring. I placed him on top of a turkey and cheese sandwich. 

Roblox Logo: This was just white cheese cut into letter shapes.

Roblox School Lunch Recipe Ideas!

Builderman's Hammer: I had a fancy hammer-shaped sticker in a box. Once upon a time, I bought some construction stickers at the craft store. This one worked perfectly on top of dried mango.

Robux Logo: This was created using white cheese and cheddar cheese. I put it on top of blueberries because, well, I had blueberries.

Roblox School Lunch Recipe Ideas!

Animals: Because you can collect animals (I think?) I included some animal shaped food picks. I tried to choose animals that seemed like they were in the game. Dogs and cats are common. I didn't have dragons or unicorns. But who doesn't like Pandas and Chickens?

So the moral of the story is don't come to me if you have further questions about Roblox. Those questions are all directed toward my sons and Google. However, I'll take any food art inquiries that you have! 


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