How to Make a Marvel Loki From Disney+ Lunch!

Monday, August 23, 2021

 How to Make a Marvel Loki From Disney+ Lunch!

My family has been going non-stop lately. However, one thing that we've made some time for is watching Loki on Disney+. I'm not saying that we watched it every week, we definitely fell behind, but we made sure to finish the season because it was so good! It was definitely full of twists and turns and my kids were begging for it every week. Since back-to-school time is here, I knew I had to make them a fun Loki food art lunch to celebrate our favorite series of the summer. 

Loki is probably their favorite Marvel villain. Wait, is he still a villain? I guess we will have to see in season two. You have probably noticed by now that this lunch isn't Tom Hiddleston who plays Loki. This lunch features one of our favorite variants...Alligator Loki! This Loki variant was a hilarious surprise and a character that I hope returns. But until then, you will have to make the alligator sandwich for your kids. Here is how to do it.

How to Make a Marvel Loki From Disney+ Lunch!

Ingredients: Flour tortilla, spinach wrap tortilla, black olives, fresh spinach, sliced turkey, cheddar cheese, white cheese, cream cheese, green grapes, snap peas, guacamole, Avengers crackers or cookies.


1. Cut an alligator face, mouth, body, and arms out of spinach wrap. Cut pieces of fresh spinach in the shape of his face, sides of his body, and his tail. "Glue" the pieces on the flour tortilla with cream cheese so they look as shown. 

2. Place turkey and cheese on top of another tortilla and put on top of grapes in the main compartment of the lunchbox. I cut the grapes in half because my kids didn't need that many. Top with Alligator Loki tortilla. 

How to Make a Marvel Loki From Disney+ Lunch!

3. Cut a piece of cheese for the golden helmet with horns and place it on top along with olives for the eyes. You can use black food coloring and a toothpick to draw his nostrils and mouth, but this is optional. Finish by cutting tiny triangles for his teeth and gluing them on with cream cheese.

4. In side compartment put sugar snap peas for dippers under a mini tub of guacamole. You can leave the guac out if your kids prefer something else. Create the Loki logo by cutting the letters out of spinach wrap, cheddar cheese, and fresh spinach. Glue them onto a tortilla with cream cheese and place on top of guac.

How to Make a Marvel Loki From Disney+ Lunch!

5. In the second side compartment drop in Marvel Avengers shaped crackers or cookies. You can usually find something like this at your local grocery store.

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