How to Make a Back-to-School Food Board!

Friday, August 21, 2020

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Duda Farms. All opinions are my own. 
How to Make a Back-to-School Food Board!

It's back-to-school and while this doesn't look like any previous year, there are things we can do to celebrate our kids and help them usher in this new (and different) school year. It's no secret that my family loves food boards, but we have never made one for school, until now! This is perfect for after school when your kids get home, for lunch if they are learning from home, or even as a fun family dinner to talk about what everyone learned during the week. We ate this board for dinner and my whole family devoured it!

The brilliant thing about a food board is that you can mix together different types of food to make everyone happy! For this back-to-school food board I used veggies, such as Dandy Radishes for the pencils, hearts, and stars, fruit for the flowers, meat, cheese, dips, and even alphabet cookies for a dessert. 

How to Make a Back-to-School Food Board!
I love Dandy Radishes because they are crisp, crunchy, and so versatile. They can be eaten right out of the bag, are perfect for dipping, and can help create a ton of different shapes. I used them for the erasers and tips of the pencils, the little stars (because our kids are all-stars, right?), and the tiny hearts (because we all love our familes). I even used a few pieces to top off the dips! 

How to Make a Back-to-School Food Board!

So if you are ready to create a fun food board for your kids, a teacher in your life, or even yourself, keep reading to find out what I used. Steal my ideas and be the hero to start the school year! 

How to Make a Back-to-School Food Board!

Vegetables: Dandy Ready Radishes, Dandy Radish Coins, Dandy Radish Ministicks, grape tomatoes, sugar snap peas, and nori (roasted seaweed) for the lead and #2 on the pencils. 

Fruit: raspberries, orange slices, strawberries, dried cranberries (inside the brie), and apple slices.

Cheese: cheddar cheese squares and brie with a star cut out of the middle.

Meat: various cured meats.

Bread: crackers and alphabet cookies.

Dips: hummus, bacon ranch dip, and chocolate dip.

How to Make a Back-to-School Food Board!

So whether your family is starting school traditionally, virtually, blended, or homeschooled, take some time to celebrate together. You've made it this far in the year so swing by the store, pick up some Dandy Radishes, and enjoy a few moments together before the school year gets too busy!

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