Egg-in-a-Hole BBQ Burgers Recipe

Friday, June 14, 2019

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Nellie's Free Range Eggs. All opinions are my own.
Nellie's free range eggs

Anyone can grill a burger for a summertime party, but now you can create a barbecue experience for your friends and family with my Egg-in-a-Hole BBQ Burgers! This warm weather favorite, featuring Nellie's Free Range Eggs, will quickly become your go-to burger when you want to please all of your houseguests, or just satisfy our own hunger. I'm telling you, from adults to kids, my entire family loves this recipe and we are going to keep going back to it throughout the summer!

Nellie's free range eggs

This is way more than just a burger with an egg on top, so keep reading for my secret technique, but know that this is as much a bowl as it is a burger! Also remember not to settle for just any egg when you head to the store for ingredients. Up your game with rich and creamy Nellie's Free Range eggs because not only is the taste top of the line, but they love their hens and raise them on small, Certified Humane Free Range farms. Okay, it's time to find out how to make this amazing meal.

Nellie's free range eggs

Egg in a Hole BBQ Burgers
Serves 3
Ingredients: 3 Nellie's Free Range eggs, 3/4 lb. of meat, 3 tomato slices, 3 pieces of lettuce, sliced white onion, 3 slices of cheese, 3 hamburger buns, sea salt, ground black pepper, canola oil, and spreadable condiments (mustard, mayo, ketchup, etc), optional: butter.

1. Form hamburger meat into patties and make center of patty into a bowl shape. You can form the bowl shape around a skinny aluminum drink can to help if you would like.

Nellie's free range eggs

2. Drizzle canola oil onto burger patties and spread all over meat. Shake your favorite seasoning onto the burger patties. I like to use sea salt and ground pepper. The pro tip here is to then roll the patties around the plate so the seasoning also covers the sides and bottom.

3. Repeat oil and seasoning step with white onion slices.

Nellie's free range eggs

3. Heat grill to 375° and place patties on grill. Crack 1 Nellie's Free Range Egg into center of each patty. Place onions on the grill as well.

Nellie's free range eggs

4. After five minutes, flip onions, and place buns on the grill. Two minutes later, flip the buns and onions. Remove buns and onions when they are grilled to your liking.

Nellie's free range eggs

5. After 10 minutes, brush butter on patties, if desired. This can give them a nice flavor to finish with. When egg and patties have reached your desired level of doneness, remove from grill.

6. Stack burger on buns with tomatoes, lettuce, grilled onions, cheese, and desired condiments. Receive all the praise as your party guests devour their burgers!

Nellie's free range eggs

Remember to click over to Nellie's Free Range Eggs website, where you can sign up to get a coupon and learn more about their farms, humane treatment of their hens, and see even more recipes using their tasty Certified Humane Free Range eggs! 


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