4 Easy Recipe Ideas for Muffin Tin Eggs on the BBQ

Friday, May 10, 2019

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Nellie's Eggs. All opinions are my own.
Nellie's free range eggs

Breakfast for dinner is always an option in our house. No really, it might be suggested almost every single night. The great thing with the weather warming up is that my family can have our breakfast for dinner, but cook and eat the entire meal in our backyard! The below four muffin tin egg recipes can easily be cooked on your barbecue and they don't take much time, either. Plus eating dinner out back gets the kids outside and reduces the mess as well. Not that my kids ever make a mess at dinner. Nope. Never.

Nellie's free range eggs

One of our main tips to make these recipes successful is using the best eggs, and that's why we cooked these with Nellie's Free Range eggs. You know how you can just taste the difference in the quality of some foods? That is how it is with Nellie's eggs; the flavor is so much richer. Even my picky eater devoured them! We've included not one but four muffin pan recipes for you to try. There's even a vegetarian recipe option. So make these four muffin pan recipes with your family this week and let me know which one is their favorite! Remember that you can reheat these in the morning if you actually want breakfast for breakfast.

Nellie's free range eggs

Makes 12 servings
Scrambled Egg Pancetta: Nellie's Free Range Eggs, diced white onions, lightly sautéed pancetta, black pepper.

Vegetarian: Nellie's Free Range Eggs, cut fresh spinach, diced tomatoes, shredded white cheese blend, minced garlic.

Ham and Shrooms: Nellie's Free Range Eggs, diced mushrooms, diced ham, cut up green onions.

Bacon and Cheddar: Nellie's Free Range Eggs, diced bacon, diced bell peppers, shredded cheddar cheese.

1. Grease muffin pan. Crack an egg in each muffin compartment. If making the scrambled egg pancetta, lightly beat the egg after putting in compartment.

Nellie's free range eggs

2. Combine rest of the ingredients for each recipe in each individual muffin compartment. You can make all four recipes or just pick your favorite one. Amount of ingredients will depend on how many you make of that specific recipe.

3. Heat grill to 400°. Place entire muffin pan on grill.

Nellie's free range eggs

4. Cook on grill for 6-8 minutes. Check periodically to make sure eggs are not getting overdone. Remove from muffin pan and serve to your family in the backyard for a fun and easy breakfast for dinner!

Nellie's free range eggs

Make sure to head to Nellie's Free Range Eggs and sign up for their email to get a coupon and learn more about what makes these eggs, and the hens who lay them, so special! You can also find out where to buy these eggs at a store near you

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  1. This looks great! Do you have a bake time / temp if I wanted to put them in the oven? Thx!


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