The Lunch I Never Wanted to Make: An Emoji Lunch

Monday, March 27, 2017

poop emoji winking emoji thumbs up

When I first started making fun lunches for my kids, I never imagined this would be one of the lunches I would be making. I want to be clear that I am anti emoji. I know, I know, it's like being a member of the fun police, right? I use them only when I have to, or I'm feeling lazy. It takes a little piece of my soul every time it happens however.

This is why this lunch was so hard for me to make, and why I have been so disappointed with my kids choices to suddenly become infatuated with this cultural obsession. Regardless, these lunches are not about me, they are about my kids so that means an emoji lunch had to be made. The only redeeming factor is that I had the chance to include poop in a lunch for the first time. I made this wretched lunch in an Easy Lunch Boxes container, and I hope my kids enjoy it because this is the last time I am making emojis for them. Probably.


Ingredients: Refried beans, tortilla, white cheese, black olives, snap peas, grape tomatoes, round cheese in red wax, candy googly eye, pepperoni, blueberries, yellow Wilton's Shape N Amaze

1. Cut tortilla into triangle shape. Fill plastic bag with refried beans, cut off the corner, and spread beans like frosting onto tortilla. The idea is, you guessed it, to look like a pile of poop.
2. Cut two circles and a mouth shape from slice of white cheese. Place on beans where shown. Cut black olive in half and put on top of the cheese. Use toothpicks to secure them if necessary. Spread snap peas on main compartment and put poop emoji on top.

3. Cut the top from a round of cheese covered in red wax. Put googly eye and black olive pieces on cheese where shown. Cut small tongue piece from pepperoni and put on top of black olive piece. Drop grape tomatoes in side compartment and put winking emoji on top.

4. Place blueberries in second side compartment. Mold hand from Shape N Amaze edible modeling dough. This creates the thumbs up emoji.

poop emoji winking emoji thumbs up


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