Teen Titans Go! Robin Bento Lunch

Monday, May 2, 2016

Robin superhero

There isn't much more popular of a kids' superhero cartoon than Teen Titans Go! The leader of the super group is Robin of course. My kids are very much into superheroes so it wasn't very hard to be inspired by the show. They play super heroes, dress up as superheroes, and read about superheroes. They might be a bit obsessed. Robin's main weapon is his staff so I had to have that represented in this lunch as well. Overall this is filled with simple ideas that your kids will love.

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Robin superhero
Ingredients: Whole wheat bread slice, tortilla, sliced turkey, Babybel cheese, white cheese, cheddar cheese, green grapes, brown fruit leather, yellow sweet pepper, blueberries, grape tomatoes, pretzel sticks.

1. Cut simple head shape out of bread slice and tortilla. It doesn't have to be exact. Cut facial features and hair from fruit leather and white cheese. Place turkey between bread and tortilla then place hair and facial features on top of tortilla.

2. In main compartment of lunch box, place Robin's head and Babybel cheese. Cut Robin's shirt features from fruit leather and yellow sweet pepper. Also cut his cape from sweet pepper. Slice green grape in half.

3. Arrange shirt features, cape, and green sleeves as shown. Paste shirt features on with cream cheese if needed. Surround Robin with blueberries or other fruit that your child enjoys.

4. Cut the letter "R" from a slice of cheddar cheese. Drop grape tomatoes in side compartment and place "R" on top. In second compartment put pretzel sticks (the staff is one of Robin's weapons in the show).

5. Serve it to your child and watch the look of joy on their face!

Robin Superhero


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