5 Professions Dads Master When They Have Kids

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post partnering with Pampers. I received compensation, but all opinions expressed are solely my own.

I love that video above made by Pampers. If you have yet to watch it, stop everything you are doing (including reading this post) and watch it now. Seriously, press play immediately. It is such a great reminder about how much things change when you become a dad. We never are fully prepared, but somehow we transform into whatever our kids need us to be. We become the “professionals” in any number of areas. A dad’s job description can never be complete because being a parent is never done. That is why every father should watch that video and remember just how important they are in their kids’ lives. 

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The Pampers video also got me thinking. What other professions do kids help dads master? In honor of Father’s Day I decided to expand on the list above by telling my own kids how they have shown me what else falls under the title of being a dad. Happy Father’s Day dads, enjoy the time with your amazing children. It passes all too quickly. 

To my precious little ones, when you were born you helped me become:

A Truck
I not only learned how to successfully traverse the living room while giving you the bumpiest ride ever, but I found I could do it while carrying your toys or drinking coffee. You’ve shown me that I can accomplish almost anything while hauling you across the hardwood floors.

Toy Mechanic
I never knew how much I needed to know about toys until you came along. In fact, my “Toy Mechanic” job responsibilities also require experience as a battery replacement engineer, plastic adhesive scientist, and researcher of micro screw installation. Of course being a Toy Mechanic is worth it for the joy that lights up your eyes when I present you with your newly repaired favorite plaything.

Professor of Accomplishing One Armed Tasks
I may not have an official diploma for this, but you helped me realize that pretty much any task can be conquered while holding your precious child with one hand, and doing laundry, washing dishes, or texting your mom with the other hand. An honorary degree is awarded to every dad.

Expert Chef
There are those who know how to prepare a delectable meal fit for kings and queens. However, you taught me that it is just as important to know the perfect microwave time for chicken nuggets and that buttered noodles with a side of grapes is the gourmet meal of choice for my prince and princess.

This might not seem like a big deal to you, but I know that many people can simply “have a kid.” However, from the moment you entered this world, and locked eyes with me, you showed me that you wanted more. You needed me to be your “dad.” So when you skin your knee, get your heartbroken by your first love, and even when you leave our home to embark on your own adventures, you will always have me to run back to, throw my arms around you, and tell you that I am here for you. Because I’m your dad and you are my beloved child.

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