5 Fantastic Commercials That Show What Modern Dads Are Really Like

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

fathers day

Maybe you've seen the years of commercials that highlight the "dad" who can't seem to get anything right. It seems virtually impossible for a man to actually get his baby's diaper on correctly or even to succeed in dressing his child to go to that big event. This totally makes sense because a dad can certainly build a house but a diaper is way beyond his comprehension. There is no way a dad can dress his child because it's not like dads have been dressing themselves for their entire lives. Every dad I know has grown up on Downton Abbey with personal assistants to dress them.

Thankfully, the perception in the media has started to catch up with what actually happens in many households. I have tried to debunk the myth here on my own blog through fun recipes for their kids, humor, and parenting tips. Modern dads are more involved than ever and place a priority on being a part of what goes on in every area of their children's lives. In honor of Father's Day, here are 5 fantastic commercials from brands who get what it's like to be a real dad today.

1. Dove Men+Care
First Fatherhood Moments
These real dads aren't afraid show their true emotions when they find out they will be fathers. 

2. Pampers
Thanks Baby
Kids show dads that they are the masters of many unexpected professions. They are today's Renaissance men.

3. Swiffer
Swiffer Dad
Modern dads clean, cook, and are involved in every area. They don't consider not being there an option. Full disclosure, my kids and I are in this commercial but even if we weren't this would still be an amazing portrayal of today's dads.

4. Whirlpool
Dad and Andy
Break out the tissues because this single dad tells his child that he loves him in many ways on a daily basis.

5. Toyota
My Bold Dad
This dad is there for his daughter no matter what. Whether it's asking her to dance or dropping her off for military deployment. Today's dad is present for his kids no matter what the stage of life they are in.


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