Lunchbox Dad on TV this morning!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Hey everyone, I had a chance to share about my blog and my family this morning on Good Day Sacramento!  My daughter and I did two segments and it was tons of fun.  Thanks to the Alyson Schulz, Amy Carabba, and the rest of the staff for a memorable morning!  I thought I would share a few pics and links to the videos:

 Segment 1:
Winter Snowman

Segment 2:
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Here are some pics of our morning

Abby (my daughter), Amy (one of the hosts), and I before our segment
Abby and I in the kitchen
A shot of Abby ready to make a lunch

The main desk while we were waiting
The Good Day Sacramento Logo Lunch I made.  In case you are wondering this was just some eggs with corn starch and water mixed with red food coloring.  The letters are cut out of Provolone cheese and there is spinach in the background.  I put on some Christmas sprinkles to give it some holiday cheer.  If you heated it up, it would be like a spinach omelette!

There is no school for the next two Mondays but I hope to post some pics of the lunches we made today and also give some tips I have found for the first half year of doing lunches as lunchboxdad.  Thanks for reading and make sure to follow this blog, comment below, and follow me on Pinterest (lunchboxdad) and on Twitter (@lunchboxdad).


  1. Abby I finally got to see the TV show you were on.
    You were great! Felicidades! (Sra. G)

    1. I told Abby you saw the clip and she was excited. Thanks for all you did for her this year in school and allowing me to make her crazy fun lunches!

  2. How fun! I have a 5yr old boy and I would love to see your creative ideas with cars or Super Hero's! Love it! Keep having fun being an amazing Dad!

    1. Thanks for reading! Check out this post for my cars lunch:

      And this post for my Spiderman lunch:

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