Christmas Lunch 2: Winter Snowman

Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas kids lunch
Christmas Lunch 2: Winter Snowman.  Hey readers, here is a New Year's Eve pic of the other lunch we did on Good Day Sacramento.  My daughter is out of school again this week for Christmas break, but I didn't want to leave all of you without a lunch.  We will be back next Monday with a brand new lunch which I know my daughter will be excited about, and you will be too if you are a fan of Disney Princesses!

Well, here is the recipe for this simple lunch.  Use cookie cutters or two different size cups to cut out bread in circles.  Put peanut butter on one side and jelly on the other and make two small circular sandwiches.

Use your lunchbox container and put down lettuce for the background and then use shredded cheese for snow on the ground.  After that, put your two sandwiches on top to shape the snowman.  I used dried blueberries for the buttons and eyes with raspberries for the scarf.  I cut out a little wedge of carrot for the nose.  Attach them all on with cream cheese.  Cut out some fruit leather or fruit rollup for the hat and your snowman is done!

Then, dip a little broccoli in cream cheese for some snow covered bushes and use half a mandarin orange for the sun.  Just like that you are finished!

I hope you all have a great new year and stay tuned to Lunchbox Dad for some exciting things to come in the next month or two.  Tell your friends and make sure to follow us on Pinterest and Twitter.


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