Week 4: Dora and Boots

Monday, October 1, 2012

dora the explorer kids lunch
Week 4: Dora and Boots.  Mondays are for exploring!  My daughter is in a spanish immersion class at her school, plus she loves Dora the Explorer.  So I thought I should do Dora and Boots this week.  Don't ask me how long it took, it was definitely the most labor intensive lunch so far.  This was mostly because I needed to find a container to make it look nice and to fit Dora's big hair.  That hair was hard to cut out.  Her hair is made out of Nori.  It just works really well when you need black areas in different shapes.  I use scissors instead of a knife to cut it.  Anyway, here is what goes into this lunch.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas that I could have used to make it better!  I appreciate any comments you might have.  Remember to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube!


2 slices whole wheat bread
1 serving peanut butter and jelly
1 Tbsp. low-fat strawberry cream cheese
1 Tbsp. fat-free cream cheese
2 mandarin oranges
1 grape tomato
1 sheet nori (dried seaweed)
1 cup of fresh spinach
1 piece of red licorice
   Blue and black food coloring

3 blue corn tortilla chips

  1. Cut both pieces of bread in a circle shape for Dora’s head.  Spread peanut butter and jelly on the pieces.  Press pieces together to make a sandwich.  Use template to cut Dora’s hair out of nori.
  2. Place two oval spots of cream cheese on the bread for the eyes.  Mix equal parts red, yellow, and blue food coloring to make black.  Use a toothpick to apply the black food coloring to create the details on Dora’s face as shown in the picture.
  3. Break blue corn tortilla chips into the head, body, arms, and tail for Boots.  Spread strawberry cream cheese on head piece for his face and ears.  Put two dots of white cream cheese on his face for eyes.  Use toothpick to put one dot of blue food coloring on each eye and black food coloring for his nose and mouth as shown in picture.  
  4. Spread spinach as background in your container.  Place Dora’s head piece on the left of the container.  Place hair on top of her head.  
  5. Arrange Boots’ body pieces to the right of your container, as shown in picture.  Slice grape tomato in half and put on stomach.  Use two small pieces of licorice for each boot and place under his body.
  6. Finish by peeling oranges and dividing them into sections.  Make a border around the container with orange sections.


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