How to Make a Fall Football School Lunch Recipe

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

 How to Make a Fall Football School Lunch

Football season is here. School is here. For our family, it was time to combine the two into this lunch! My son is very excited to play football for his school and is also very into the NFL. We won't talk about the fact that he cheers for the wrong team. We are a Seattle Seahawks house, I don't know what happened with him and his love for the 49ers. 

We had some leftover croissants and of course, my mind went directly to food art and I thought they looked like footballs. I also had some football-themed oatmeal peanut butter snacks left over so I used that too. I guess leftovers are a theme of this meal as well. So here is how to make a food art football lunch for your kids. 

How to Make a Fall Football School Lunch

Ingredients: Croissants, sliced turkey, sliced cheese, grapes, pretzels, dried mango, fruit leather, no-bake football energy snack (recipe here), trail mix.


1. Stuff croissants with turkey and cheese. Cut laces out of white and cheese and arrange on top. Place in main compartment and surround with grapes.

How to Make a Fall Football School Lunch

2. Cut triangle shapes out of dried mango and a pole for the flags out of fruit leather. Place on top of pretzels in side compartment.

How to Make a Fall Football School Lunch

3. Drop trail mix in other side compartment. Top with no-bake football-shaped snack (recipe here). 

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