Spring Baseball Lunch

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Disclosure: Excited about working with Whirlpool on the #ItsAllCare campaign. I received compensation but all opinions expressed are my own. Check out more great content at Every day, care™.Spring Baseball Lunch #ItsAllCare

I love Spring, it's one of the best times of the year. You can almost smell the fresh cut grass and hear the crack of the bat as the ball leaves the yard. It's pretty funny, as soon as my kids hear about baseball on the radio they ask when we can go to the game. I love that my kids love baseball. This is why making this lunch was so exciting for me. From the stadium, to the fruit "hot dogs," to the fans, I know they will love it!

This is why making this lunch is so exciting for me. I'm starting with something my kids already love--from the stadium, to the fruit "hot dogs," to the fans!

I want to encourage you to care for your kids by using something they already enjoy too. Whether it's baseball, or bike riding, or going to the beach. It's the perfect time of year to do something like that. 

Share the things you are doing to show care for your family in the comments below or share them on social media using #ItsAllCare. Maybe what you are doing will inspire others to share care to those around them as well. So show some love and have some fun this week! 

Spring Baseball Lunch #ItsAllCare
Whole wheat bread
Whole wheat tortilla
Sliced meat
Sliced white cheese
Red food coloring
Dried mango
String cheese
Sweet peppers
Dried apples
Organic fruit rope

1. Cut whole wheat bread slice in half. Bend around the edge of a container and hold in place with broccoli. 

2. Slice a whole wheat tortilla into a diamond shape and place on top of the broccoli. Cut two bases and home plate out of white cheese. use a dab of cream cheese to hold them on if they fall off. Cut a circle from white cheese and from sliced meat. Place the meat under the cheese. A small upside down glass makes a great circle cookie cutter!

Spring Baseball Lunch #ItsAllCare3. Using a toothpick, create the red stitching on the circle piece of cheese. Cut flag shapes from dried mango and place on toothpicks. Make two extra. Arrange baseball and flags as shown in picture. 

4. Cut fruit rope in medium length pieces. Slice strawberry and dried mango into narrow strips. Place fruit rope in the middle of a dried apple ring. Fold apple around it like a bun and garnish with the strawberry "ketchup" and mango "mustard." Repeat for as many times as you need to fill a small side dish with these "hot dogs."

5. In second side dish place handful of blueberries. Cut string cheese in half. Cut off the end of a sweet pepper and then slice in half. Use one part for the top of a hat and one part for the brim. Pin these to top of the string cheese using toothpicks. Also use toothpicks to hold the raisin eyes on. Stick extra flag into string cheese as shown. Repeat for second string cheese "fan." Place both string cheese fans on top of blueberries.

6. Remember to share your lunches, and other fun moments with your kids, on social media using #ItsAllCare! Search that hashtag to see what other people are doing to show care as well.

Spring Baseball Lunch #ItsAllCare


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