Need to be a Parenting Multitasker? This T-Mobile 4G Tablet Can Help!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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Trio AXS T-Mobile 4g Data Free For Life #TabletTrio #CollectiveBias #Shop

That PTA email won't send itself. The e-vites for your five year old's princess party? They have to get sent out too. Don't even mention the bill payments that need to be scheduled. Being a parent these days can sometimes make your head explode from busyness. If you're like my family, you have to schedule meetings to talk about the family calendar because your days are so full. How are you supposed to get the recipe for dinner while you are at your oldest child's soccer practice? T-Mobile's new free data plan for tablets might just be every parent's dream invention.

T-Mobile recently introduced a new plan for the Trio AXS tablet that gives us parents free data for life. Okay, the plan is for everyone who buys the tablet, but it just feels like this data plan is meant for busy parents like you and me. I have always wanted a tablet that has the option of connecting wherever there's a data signal, but I never wanted to spend the money. When I saw that Walmart was selling the Trio AXS, I had no choice but to check it out for myself.

Trio AXS T-Mobile 4g Data Free For Life #TabletTrio #CollectiveBias #Shop

Finding the tablet was easy. I just headed to the electronics department and looked for the T-Mobile banner by the tablets. The "Free Data For Life" sign told me I was in the right place. I was in and out in a matter of minutes because I didn't have to fill out any lengthy forms or sign any contracts. I also found out that although you get 200mb for free, you can also upgrade to another affordable data plan from T-Mobile if you need to.

I put this tablet to work right away. For example, my wife was sick so I had to work from home and take care of our kids. I also needed to take them to swim lessons. I was able to do work online with the Trio AXS and 4G data speeds while my kids were at their lessons. It was efficient and fun.

Trio AXS T-Mobile 4g Data Free For Life #TabletTrio #CollectiveBias #Shop

I then started to think about what a day would look like for a busy parent who doesn't have a tablet connected with 4G data.

A Day of Parenting without a T-Mobile 4G Tablet:
Wakeup (if it's before the kids and you get a shower then bonus points). Get kids dressed and take oldest child to school. Realize you left shopping list at home on computer. Drive home with youngest kids, run into get shopping list. Head to grocery store. Barely get to checkout line without a child meltdown. Pin toddlers arms to their sides to prevent them from grabbing every candy bar and magazine within reach. Think to yourself "I wish there was a way to distract them while the line moves at a snail's pace." On the way home the baby falls asleep. Sit in the driveway with no wifi until the baby wakes up. Pick up the oldest from school and take to soccer practice. There was no time to send important work emails before. Now there is time, but there is no wifi. Guess emails will have to wait. Make dinner and get kids into bed. Exhausted, ready to pass out, but unfortunately there are way too many things that still need to be done online.

Then I thought about how a 4G tablet could make a busy parent's day much easier.

A Day of Parenting with a T-Mobile 4G Tablet:
Wakeup (get a shower after a good night's sleep). Get kids dressed and head out the door. Wait in drop off line at school and give younger child your tablet to play with while you do last minute spelling test quizzing with the oldest child. Head straight to the grocery store. You forgot your list but you can access it on your 4G tablet. Lines are long, but its cool, you let your child play a learning game on your tablet. You have extra time so you stop for coffee on the way home. You must transfer money to another bank account and you don't want to use unsecured public wifi. You just use your 4G connection on your tablet while you wait for your coffee. Later in the day you are able to send important emails while at soccer practice. You get the kids to bed, watch your favorite show, look up a dinner recipe for the weekend, and get a good night's sleep.

Trio AXS T-Mobile 4g Data Free For Life #TabletTrio #CollectiveBias #Shop

Ok, maybe a busy parent's day won't be quite that easy. However, there are so many times where I have wanted a good 4G tablet over a smartphone and definitely instead of a wifi only tablet. You know those times where there is an important conversation you need to have with your spouse and the kids are acting We were in a restaurant (with no wifi) and gave my daughter the tablet for a minute so we could talk. We then handled business so we could get back to family time. It was like magic, only better.

Trio AXS T-Mobile 4g Data Free For Life #TabletTrio #CollectiveBias #Shop

Two other great family friendly features that sold me on the Trio AXS are the size and the price. Tablets are great for kids and adults but if they are too big then they aren't great for taking everywhere. Also, if they are too expensive then you don't trust your kids with them. This tablet is 7.85 inches, has 16gb of storage, front and rear cameras, HD resolution screen, Quad Core processor, and sells for under $200 at Walmart. Combine that with the free 200mb per month of 4G data from T-Mobile and this is a fantastic deal. Also, It runs on the Android OS so you can get almost any app you need from the Google Play store.

There are certainly moments when you and your family need to unplug and set everything else aside for quality time together. However, when the situation calls for parental multitasking, you need a tablet that frees you from wifi and doesn't break the bank. The Trio AXS from T-Mobile, with free data for life, might just be what you are looking for. Check it out at Walmart today.

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