Back to School with Hello Kitty!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School This Week! lunchbox dad

My daughter starts school this Wednesday, so we will have a special first day of school lunch then.  But I thought it would be fun to post her first lunch from last year today, since I am coming up on my 1 year Blogiversary.  This Hello Kitty lunch is the one that started it all!  

There will be fun going on all week here so you won't want to miss out.  Our latest 5 Weeks of Free giveaway ends today.  It is a big prize package from Funny Face Cranberries.  You will want to enter this right now, just click HERE!  Tomorrow, we start our 5th giveaway.  You will want to check in because it something very fun.   Wednesday will be the first day of school lunch and Thursday will be our next product review.  As you can see its a crazy fun week, and it won't be the same without you so stop by and say hi! 


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