Lunchbox Dad's Top 13 Lunches of 2013!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This is Lunchbox Dad's Top 13 lunches of 2013 roundup.  Actually this is part of a bigger party happening right now.  You can click on the button below to take you to the party that is filled with talented bento food bloggers showcasing their top 13 lunches. Believe me, you won't want to miss it so click that button after you read my post.

Some of these lunches made my top 13 because of their popularity with readers and some of them made it because they were special for our family.  Each picture below has a link to the original recipe so make sure and check those out as well.  These are ranked from number 13 to number 1 overall.  I hope you and your family have a Happy New Years!

This was a fun movie to see with my kids and even though I thought it was going to be tough lunch to pull off, I loved the way his fists turned out!

The thing I like about this lunch is how all the elements work together in the theme.  I also loved how the flavors of each part of the lunch worked together.

Even though this turned out more serious than I would have liked, this might be the most artistic lunch I have ever done.  Plus she has a pancake for a face, what's not to like about that?

This lunch took a little bit of extra time to plan, but it ended up coming out better than I thought it would.  It had cheese and chocolate lego guys and frozen yogurt lego bricks.  there was more to it, but you're gonna have to clink the link above to see all the fun stuff that went into this!

This is on here because it is the only legit superhero lunch I have done and it was tough thinking about what to do for the side dishes.  I did like how Spidey looked though.  Sigh, hopefully more superhero lunches in 2014!

This lunch was for Roald Dahl Day and it ended up getting shared by The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Roald Dahl Facebook pages.  Because of that, it is now number three all time in views for my blog.  Honestly, I like that it is old school WIlly Wonka and the Everlasting Gobstopper is my favorite part of this lunch.

I don't know why I'm drawn to this lunch but I think it is because it is so simple.  I just used a few different easy ingredients and it came together like I pictured it in my head.  It was actually based on a t-shirt design from a friend of mine and he was pleased with it, which meant a lot!

I made this lunch to help promo yubo lunch boxes being on the TV show Shark Tank.  This one took awhile, but not because it was complicated.  I actually made something completely different for the shark at first (you can see it in the post if you click the link).  My wife then said that it looked like a fish not really a shark.  Soooo, I started out over.  I thought it turned out to be fun and my wife gave the idea for the red eyes, which made the shark.  I also thought the blue yogurt with red fruit (blood in the water) was fun.

This is one of my family's favorite Halloween movies so I do a lunch for it every year.  This actually looks complicated but it came together really fast and the ingredients are pretty simple.

This is my wife's favorite lunch that I have ever made.  It might be my favorite Pixar movie for sure.  People ask me how I put the bubbles in the blue jello background.  That was a happy accident so I just went with it.  The sea turtle tends to be people's favorite part of this though.

One thing about making lunches that look like cartoon characters is that you have a little  artistic license since you are working with food.  This is one of my favorite lunches of the last year because the elements really turned out to look like Kermit, so the finished product was way better than I imagined.  Sometimes I get lucky like that.

2.  Chewbacca
I don't know, this might be number one in my book, I can't decide.  My kids and I are Star Wars junkies so this was a really fun lunch to make.  It was actually pretty simple and it was the number one viewed lunch on my blog for a long time.

1.  Despicable Me 2 Minions
This is the lunch that sort of put me on the map this year.  I originally made it on TV with my daughter for back-to-school and it just took off.  It is by far my most viewed lunch ever and is almost number one on my stats every week.  I think it is so popular because it is simple, yet fun, plus minions are everywhere.  I wanted to make them out of bananas because I hadn't seen that done yet with them and also because of the hilarious banana song.  You can YouTube it.  It is also a healthy lunch that is well rounded.  It is kind of everything that I try to do with my daughter's lunches.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but this time it came together well.

Happy New Year!  Click the button below to see the other lunch roundups that my friends have put together.  Don't miss them because they some incredible stuff with food!


  1. Amazing bento and details!! Happy New Year!

  2. These are great and I look forward to seeing what you make in 2014!

  3. Awesome collection! Happy New Year!

  4. Great collection of lunches! Chewbacca is my all time favorite lunch you have posted. Happy New Year!

  5. Awesome collection! Happy New Year!

  6. I always look forward to your lunches, Beau! They all are awesome. Kermit is definitely my favorite!

  7. Amazing collection, Beau. Happy New Year!

  8. Thank everyone, this was a fun roundup to do, especially looking back at my first full year of blogging! I appreciate all the support!

  9. Impossible to pick a favorite. I am always amazed with your work!

  10. All wonderful lunches. You are so creative!

  11. These are all awesome lunches! My favorite is The Nightmare before Christmas! Happy 2014!

  12. Great roundup! Hard to pick a favorite, but Chewy still has to be one the tops for me! Looking forward to 2014!

    1. Thanks Sarah, I might have to agree with you its a hard choice!

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