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Monday, August 13, 2018

Loot Crate

This one is for me. 99% of the lunches I make are for my kids so this Office Space lunch falls into that 1%. I don't even care that they have no idea what it is. They haven't started school yet so I need a lunch. If you have never watched Office Space, stop right now and go watch it. There are so many iconic scenes that there is no way I could fit them all into one lunch. Starting with the TPS report and ending with the fire and red Swingline stapler (which doesn't bind up like the Boston stapler) this movie is a classic in my book.

Of course I had to add Lumbergh's mug and his obnoxious dress shirt. I couldn't really figure out the actual pieces of flair on Jennifer Aniston's Chotchkie's uniform (which is represented by the green and white stripes), and I couldn't fit the minimum 17 pieces of flair in the lunch. However, I did include the "We Aren't in Kansas Anymore" one at the top right. Of course I had to have the red stapler, and my actual red Swingline, with some fire in the background. I wish I had room for a jump to conclusions mat, but I guess that will have to go in the next one.
Loot Crate

So if you made it this far, you are as big an Office Space fan as I am. If that's the case you will want to check out Loot Crate this month. With the theme of Mayhem, you can celebrate some of your favorite havoc wrecking characters and pop culture moments like from Office Space. Plus you can get 10% off your subscription if you use coupon code "lunchboxdad." Just CLICK HERE by August 19th to order! Otherwise, check out what I used to make the lunch below.

Main Compartment: blueberries, corn tortilla, whole wheat bread, sliced turkey, provolone cheese. I cheated and printed out a copy of the Initech logo.

Side Compartment: grape tomatoes, cheddar cheese, red and grey fondant, and silver sprinkles for stapler.

Side Compartment: broccoli, yogurt covered raisins, fruit leather suspenders, fondant to make the flair.

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Loot Crate

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