Week 13: Gingerbread Man

Monday, December 10, 2012

Gingerbread Man bento lunch

Week 13: Gingerbread Man.  Hey readers, this week is a healthy version of a gingerbread man.  I didn't have as much time this week, after doing A Christmas Story last week and getting ready to do two lunches for the T.V. show, but here is a very simple lunch that can be easy to replicate at home.  I wanted to do one that would be quick and simple for you guys to try for your kids if you havent done one before.

The Gingerbread Man is just a PB and J sandwich on wheat bread.  I had a cookie cutter that I used on the bread to make the shape.  Instead of frosting and candy I used dried fruit and cream cheese.  The buttons are dried blueberries, the mouth is dried mango, and the eyes are dried cranberries.

The ground is made of fresh raspberries and blackberries while the background is lettuce.

The christmas tree is white cheese that I colored green using the food markers.  I also used dried cranberries as ornaments on the tree.  There is a few scraps of bread behind it to give it some depth instead of it being directly on the lettuce.

Follow me on Twitter and Pinterest and make sure to catch my daughter and I on Good Day Sacramento (CW 31) next Monday if you are in that area.  Otherwise it will be posted on their website and I will link it on the blog here.

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  1. Week 13's gingerbread man brings warmth and nostalgia. With its spicy aroma and playful design, it embodies holiday cheer. An Arcade Snake Baking and decorating these cherished cookies is a delightful tradition, uniting families.


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