Week 9: My Little Pony: Applejack

Monday, November 5, 2012

applejack kids lunch
Week 9 lunch: My Little Pony Applejack.  For this week I wanted to get back to making characters and my daughter has been asking for this one for weeks.  It is form My Little Pony Friendship is magic which I guess is their newer line of cartoons and toys.  This one is Applejack, one of her favorites.

Anyway, I have come to appreciate food dye and toothpicks which are now an indispensable tool for these lunches.   You can do really cool things with them.  It is what I drew the lines and made the eye with.  The eye is cream cheese and then I just used a little food dye.

Let me know what you think in your comments and maybe let me know what you would have done differently to give me some ideas for the future!  Also remember to subscribe to the blog or follow me on Twitter or Pinterest!


   Green, yellow, blue, and red food coloring 
2 slices of cheddar cheese
2 large pieces of dried mango
1 Tbsp. fat-free cream cheese
1 small piece of whole wheat bread
1 serving of goldfish crackers
1 serving of dried cranberries

1/2 cup of spinach

  1. Using the template as a guide, cut out the shape of the pony’s head from one piece of cheese.  Cut out the shape of the body from the second piece of cheese.  Finally, use the template to cut the cowboy hat out of whole wheat bread.
  2. Take dried mango and cut the shape to be like the mane and tail.  It doesn’t have to be exact, just similar to the picture!
  3. Take 1 Tbsp. of cream cheese and, using your fingers, shape it into a circle.  Press onto the face for the eye.
  4. Mix equal parts yellow, blue, and red food coloring in a small bowl to make the color black.  Dip the end of a toothpick in the black coloring and use it to dye the edges around the white cream cheese and also to draw the inside circle of the eyes.  Use a clean toothpick and dip it in green food coloring to fill in the green part of the eye.
  5. Using the above method, draw the rest of the facial and body features as shown in the picture.  Use red for the three apples by the tail and for the hair tie on the mane.
  6. Place bed of spinach in the container.  Sprinkle the ground with goldfish and dried cranberries.  Place the body piece, followed by the head.  Lay the mane on top to cover the seam and gently lift the body to place the tail a little underneath.  Place the hat slightly behind the head.  Finish by setting the apple in the corner of the container!


  1. Gorgeous lunch! My little miss has recently discovered My Little Pony too, you haven't done Rainbow Dash yet have you?

  2. Thanks! I did this back last fall and kept meaning to do another one, but never did. If I did do another one it would definitely be Rainbow Dash.

  3. Might daughters would love this!

    1. Give it a shot, I'm a firm believer that most parents can do fun lunches like these for their kids.

  4. LOVE!! Great job! I will be doing a MLP lunch for my daughter soon as she's in LOVE with all of them! I think Rainbow dash or twilight sparkle!

    1. Thanks Sarah. My daughter likes some pony named pinkie pie I think. That might have to be next for us.

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