Week 10: Happy Turkey Day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

thanksgiving kids lunch

Week 10: Happy Turkey Day!  Today's lunch was pretty fun.  It was Veteran's Day yesterday so my daughter had it off of school but she really wanted a fun lunch so I made it today.  This is the last lunch before Thanksgiving so I wanted to do a holiday themed one.  I think it turned out pretty good but I could have done way more stuff if she could actually eat that much!

The turkey is actually a sandwich.  It is whole wheat bread with cheese for the eyes, beak, and feet.  I used apple skin for the waddle by the beak.  I then made cheddar and havarti cheese feathers right behind the face.  What you cant see is that there is a piece of lunch meat (Turkey of course!) in the middle and another piece of bread for the other side.  I used cookie cutters for all of this part, it made the whole process really simple and fast to do.  The tail feathers are made out dried mango and apples.  For the apples I sliced them and then I carved out the feather design.  It turned out well and only took a minute to do, it was super easy.  Lastly I rubbed lemon juice on the apples to keep them from browning.

One tool that I found online last week was markers that you can use on food where the ink is edible.  I used it on the black of the eyes this week.  I will give a separate post this week all about them because they are so useful and work really well.  They also save a lot of time.

For the ground it is just goldfish crackers (why mess with what works?) and lettuce for the background.

Let me know your comments and any ideas you have for fun Thanksgiving lunches or meals.  Also be sure to follow me on Twitter and Pinterest!

This lunch is part of a Thanksgiving blog food link up.  Check it out to great tons of fun ideas for Thanksgiving food!


  1. I like this a lot! Nice job carving the apple feathers!

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