Week 6: Jack O' Lanterns

Monday, October 15, 2012

kids halloween lunch
Week 6: Jack O' Lanterns.  This weekend I was gone for work from Thursday through Sunday at midnight, so this Monday's lunch isn't as elaborate as usual.  I had to plan ahead of time and include stuff that would keep so I could just put it together Monday morning.

We have three apple trees in our backyard, so we have been drying apples.  I used these dried apples for the ground since they sort of look like dried leaves and my daughter loves them.  The background is romaine lettuce.

For the Jack O' Lantern I sort of cheated because of time.  I used a cookie cutter to cut out the shape of a pumpkin from bread, meat, and cheese.  I then put it all together to form a sandwich with the cheese on top.  I then cut the eyes, nose, and mouth out of black olives.

For the side torches I used pretzel sticks.  The fire part is made out of fruit roll up.  I cut a piece off the whole roll up then cut strips down most of one side to create the fringe.  After that I rolled it onto the pretzel stick.  It makes a good sweet and salty snack.

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