How to Make a Baby Yoda Grogu Sandwich for Star Wars Day May the 4th!

Sunday, May 2, 2021

How to Make a Baby Yoda Sandwich for Star Wars Day!

Star Wars Day May the 4th is almost here once again and it's not too late to celebrate! It's pretty much a holiday in my house so we, of course, have to make some food art for it. We will probably wear some Star Wars gear as well, but this year I thought I would make a lunch with some of my kids' favorite characters and things from the movies and T.V. shows like The Mandalorian. 

You can check out the directions below but this includes a Baby Yoda (Grogu) sandwich, Darth Maul chocolate strawberry, and an apple TIE-Fighter. Which characters would you need to include for your kids?

Ingredients: Spinach, whole wheat, and flour tortillas, sliced turkey, cheese, black olives, cream cheese, lettuce, sliced or slivered almonds, strawberry, melting chocolate, raisins, apple, nut-free spread.

1. Fill two flour tortillas with meat and cheese. Cut Grogu's head, ears, and nose out of a spinach tortilla. His clothes are whole wheat tortilla. Use black olives for his eyes and mouth. "Glue" everything on the tortilla using cream cheese. The bottom of his carrier is another piece of flour tortilla.

How to Make a Baby Yoda Sandwich for Star Wars Day!

2. Line main compartment with lettuce and place Baby Yoda sandwich on top.

3. Drizzle strawberry with melting chocolate and make chocolate lines with a toothpick. Create Darth Maul's spikes using almonds before the chocolate hardens. Place in side compartment with raisins.

How to Make a Baby Yoda Sandwich for Star Wars Day!

4. Cut apple wedges and two circles from apple. Rub with lemon wedges to keep from browning if necessary. Drop a blob of nut-free spread in side compartment. Press apple pieces in to make a TIE Fighter. Use a toothpick to hold together if needed.

How to Make a Baby Yoda Sandwich for Star Wars Day!


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