How to Make a Disney Villains School Lunch

Monday, February 24, 2020

How to Make a Disney Villains School Lunch

My daughter said that this is one of her most favorite lunches that I've ever made. My sons couldn't stop talking about it. Needless to say this Disney Villains school lunch was a hit. In fact, it was such a success I might have to make sequel. But before I do, let's show you how to make your own Villains lunch complete with Maleficent, Gaston, and Ursula.

The day before I made this lunch, I asked my kids who their favorite villains were. We went through a laundry list of of Disney films like Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, The Lion King, Peter Pan, and more. This lunch represents a mixture of their favorite villains. Keep reading to see how to make one idea, or the entire food art lunch for your kids!

How to Make a Disney Villains School Lunch

Ingredients: Bread, your kid's favorite sandwich ingredients, sliced white cheese, nori (roasted seaweed), red cheese wax, red apple, sliced cheddar cheese, goldfish crackers, black and purple fondant.

1. Make your child's favorite sandwich. Place sliced white cheese on top of sandwich. Cut three to four main pieces of nori to create Maleficent. One piece for the hood, one for the left side of her body, and one for the right side. You might need one more to fill in any gaps.

2. For the facial features you will need two pieces of nori for eyebrows and one red piece of cheese wax like you would find on Babybel cheese. Assemble all of the Maleficent pieces on top of the sandwich. The secret with nori is that it is paper thin so that you can "paste" it down with a few drops of water. This will secure everything in place.

How to Make a Disney Villains School Lunch

3. For the Gaston apple, cut out the gloves, buckle, and collar from cheddar cheese. The chest is white cheese and the belt is nori. Cut the apple to fit the compartment and assemble the pieces as shown. If you want to glue them down, use a little cream cheese.

How to Make a Disney Villains School Lunch

4. Ursula from The Little Mermaid was so fun to make! Make her dress and top of her tentacles from black fondant and the bottom of her tentacles are made of purple fondant. Fondant pieces can be attached together using a small amount of water. Place in compartment on top of goldfish crackers.


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