Love Every Day Heart Lunch with Lil Snappers® Apples

Friday, January 24, 2020

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Stemilt. All opinions are my own.
A Love Every Day Lunch with Lil Snappers™ Apples

From reading books, to watching movies, to enjoying a meal together, there are so many ways that we can show our kids that we love them. One of the ways that I show my kids that I am thinking about them and love them is by making each child a fun food art lunch every week. Sometimes I like to show a little extra love, like in this lunch which I call my “Love Every Day” heart lunch using tasty Lil Snappers® apples. You don't need to wait until Valentine's Day to decorate with heart-shaped food, just watch the video below and follow my easy instructions to make this lunch for your family!

My family loves Lil Snappers® because they are kid sized fruits that are perfect for lunches. As you can see, I can even fit one in the side compartment! If you have kids who won't eat an entire regular-sized apple, you need to try this brand from Stemilt. Each bite is crisp and juicy and they are born for snacking. Keep scrolling to see how I made this Love Every Day lunch for my kids.
A Love Every Day Lunch with Lil Snappers™ Apples

Ingredients: Lil Snappers® apples, whole wheat bread slices, cheddar cheese slice, white cheese slice, turkey, raisin, yogurt.

1. Cut slice off Lil Snappers® apple and use cutter, or a knife, to cut heart shape out of the middle. Flip heart around and push back into the apple upside down. You can rub apple pieces with lemon juice to prevent browning. Place in side compartment of lunchbox.

A Love Every Day Heart Lunch with Lil Snappers™ Apples

2. Put slice of bread in main compartment of lunchbox. Top with turkey and one more slice of bread. Use heart cookie cutter to make large cheese heart. Arrange smaller hearts of apples and cheese on top to make fish shape. Thanks to @luxeandthelady on Instagram for the heart fish scales inspiration. Finish fish with raisin eye and apple heart bubbles. Don't forget to place some snap pea seaweed at the bottom!

A Love Every Day Heart Lunch with Lil Snappers™ Apples

3. Fill side compartment with yogurt and decorate with apple pieces.

A Love Every Day Heart Lunch with Lil Snappers™ Apples

I hope this lunch can inspire you with some ideas for your kid's upcoming lunches and encourage you that there are plenty of different ways that you can show your kids that you love them! You can also use the Stemilt store locator to find Lil Snappers® near you.


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